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Episode 107



BBFB: Nightwing/Huntress


0:00:00 Intro
0:02:36 Comic News
0:29:09 Catwoman #15
0:40:56 Talon #3
0:54:14 Batman: The Dark Knight #15
1:07:41 Batwoman #15
1:24:34 Red Hood and the Outlaws #15
1:42:20 Teen Titans #15
2:00:39 Nightwing #15
2:23:19 Batman Incorporated #6
2:37:52 BBFB
2:51:12 Next Time…
2:51:47 Closing
2:54:02 Outtakes



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  • Kevin

    Is Dustin sick because his voice sounds kind of dry. I completely agree with what Don said about Batgirl being sold only on the Gail Simone name.
    So is the wedding between Don and Stella happening or what?

  • I have been having problems with my throat since before Thanksgiving. It seems to disappear only to return a week or two later, and of course it ends up coming back right before we record.

    As for the wedding, I am staying sidelined for that for now.

  • dave

    great episode guys, here's hoping your throat starts to actually feel better mate.  
    I just wanted to make a comment about the discussion about Gail Simone getting fired and re-hired.  i'll start by stating i'm not a fan of Gail Simone's work especially in Batgirl, having said that the way she was removed from the title over email was wrong.  No one should be sacked that way, especially someone with Gail's loyal following who has the platform to inform her fans how it all went down making DC look bad.  that said, If a writer isn't working out on a book either in terms of sales or creatively then the publishers should be able to fire them regardless of gender, race, age or whatever.  

  • Rob

    love the podcast! i have been toying dropping Batgirl for a while. When i heard she was leaving i was kinda pumped… i really wanna love this book. and to be honest i had never really read any of Gail's stuff before, so that had nothing to do as to why I picked up this book. I did so becaue it's Batgirl/ Babs… and its kinda blah… DOTF is the best stuff she has done so far.. if it goes from here then it might be good.. but if it goes back to blan vililan of the week again then this book will just be spinnig its wheels. So i could care less who writes the book and Gail's name had ZERO to do with why i was reading it.. bt now it might be the cause of wht i drop it. The story has to come first! if you cant cut it in the "cave" you should be alowed to wear the cape.. LOL mail or female. and Batgirl is just a week book right now (except DOTF). when this is over the real test will happen. again i' hate to drop it but i might. I have dropped Detective, after issue 5, didnt pick it up again untill the DOTF Poison Ivy/Clayface story, Catwoman was a pass, The dark knight was not that good, i have heard its better, hearing your reviews of the Scarecrow story has gotten me thing of the book. I am a Robin fan first, Batman second, so if any Robin is is a book i will check it out. the books i read every month are: Batman, Batman & Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, Teen Titans (for Tim if he gets a Red Robin book i will drop TT), Red Hood, Batman Inc. Justice League, Batman: Arkham Unhinged (good book!) & Young Justice (cartoon show comic) Aquaman also.
    On a side note… not to sound mean or be a jerk..but… Don needs to sloooooooow down when he is speaking.. he gets to talking so fast and starts 4 things at once it makes it hard to follow what he is trying to say.. i kinda fast forward his parts at times.. i feel bad for saying that and he makes some really good points but he just gets going so fast and gets ahead of himself and its really hard to understand to at times.. not all the time) i'm not a hater or anything. I'm a huge fan of the show and i am eager to hear each one and would love to do something like this myself. Just as a listener this is what i am hearing.. maybe i'm the only one.. again no harm intended what so ever. Again big fan of the show. Keep up the great work guys and gal!!!!!

  • Don does talk too fast, so no need to worry about apologizing. When editing, it is almost too difficult to fix things when he talks so fast. Ever thought of writing reviews? We could use someone to write up reviews for Arkham Unhinged.

  • Joe Jinks

    As long as you're not skipping past me you can do whatever you like! Glad you enjoy the show, and like Dustin said, if you want to get your opinions out there, write some reviews for the website; I'd love to read your thoughts on some of the bat books.