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Episode 109



BBFB: Batman: Cataclysm


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:34 Batman: The Dark Knight #16
0:21:20 Nightwing #16
0:45:19 Batman Incorporated #7
1:05:25 Batman and Robin Annual #1
1:27:20 BBFB
1:42:41 Closing



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  • Mary G

    I've enjoyed the podcast for quite a while now and really appreciate getting info on the books that I do not buy.  I was particularly interested in the discussion about Nightwing being taken down so easily by the Joker.  The fact is, if we follow the New 52 continuity he's been out on the street fighting crime for a little under six years. Issue #0 took place "a few years ago" when he was 15 years old (looks younger in many of the panels so maybe they decided he needed to be older after the fact for some reason).  I guess it depends on your definition of a "few"(I've told my three-year old it's more than two but less than five) but is that really time for him to have been Robin, Nightwing, and Batman?  Do you think it is feasible this Dick Grayson would be able to be a convincing Batman?  Are the new readers supposed to know or care that he was Batman? 

  • Joe Jinks

    In reality? No. Although to be honest, I'm not sure what the time span of the pre-Flashpoint universe was, and comics have always existed in an almost static time period, so if I suspend disbelief I can excuse it, although I think DC have really hindered themselves by imposing a strict timeline.
    I agree with Don in that, with the way Dick is being written currently, I don't think he could have been Batman because he's not an effictive enough fighter, although with 'Batman Inc' and 'Batman and Robin' (to an extent), Dick being Batman is definitely part of the continuity. It's just confusing because it's rarely referred to. Having said that, by not mentioning it, DC aren't alienating new readers who don't know the character's history which I guess is a good (albeit frustrating) thing. If new fans enjoy the Batman universe, hopefully they'll go back and discover these stores for themselves.