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Episode 110

Episode 110 Pic

Join Jaime and Andy as they discuss the last two weeks worth of news including Batman v Superman, Suicide Squad, the Wonder Woman film, the Batman ’66 home release, rumors for Batman: Arkham Knight and cover some other Bat-stuff. Stay tuned to the end for a last minute appearance to discuss a fan question.


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  • Jason Daniel Murphy, from Jamaica

    Love the show, guys! Keep ’em coming. Thanks for answering my question last week! Here is something else to chew on:

    Who is your favorite non-Bruce Wayne Batman?

    Jean-Paul Valley/Azrael,
    Dick Grayson,
    Terry McGinnis,

  • Jason Daniel Murphy, from Jamaica

    Additionally, which villain(s) would you like to see in Ben Affleck’s solo Batman movie?

  • Terry Hughston

    I’m gonna go ahead and throw out my latest Scoot theory. I’m assuming now that they’ve found a way to CGI out the rest of his body and the green legs will be all that remains. Everything else will be replaced by something.

  • Travis

    What version of the joker is your favorite