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Episode 110

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Welcome Remington Matthews to the show! Remington and I have to put up with his ‘owner’ The Irredeemable Shag, but together we review Hacker Files #5 and #6, and Detective Comics Annual #5. After the two Matthews men leave me, I read some listener e-mails and review Batgirl #45 and Gotham Academy #11. Chris Karnes gives his Batman ’66 review, and my literature recommendations closes the episode.


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  • Ian Miller

    Having just read through all of Simone’s Batgirl run, I have to say – I know she sort of broke up with Ricky at the end of that story arc, but it seems even more like all of Babs’ writers – Simone, the Eternal team, and the new Batgirl team – just should let Babs be Babs. Take a cue from Simone’s own work with Barbara in Birds of Prey, and have her learn and grow in her friendships and family, not her love life. I do like how Babs seems to have resolved her relationship with Frankie in #46, so look forward to more of that direction heading into issue 50.

    I think Duke Thomas will become a yellow-clad Lark. I think that would really cool, if he could get himself some real training.

    I also think Jim should learn who Batgirl is – but I personally am against keeping secrets from loved ones in superhero narratives. It’s worse, because they always say that they keep the secret to prevent their loved ones from danger, but the loved ones always end up in danger anyway, and they don’t even know why.

    I have to say that if Stephanie Brown becomes a semi-regular member of team Batgirl, that would go a long way towards me having a more positive outlook on the series. 😉