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Episode 111

Episode 111 Pic

Join Andy, Brian and Jaime as they discuss Batman v Superman, Christian Bale and The Dark Knight Rises, the TNT Titans show and then cover a bunch of listener feedback and questions.


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  • Press and Sam Love Bald

    So, this week, the Batman [vs. Superman] movie trailer was leaked online. From everything I’ve seen and read so far about the movie and about Zack Snyder, I’m under the impression that this movie will be an homage to the Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller; however, I have no idea to what extent the movie will derive plot and story from the graphic novel.

    How much of the comic’s plot do you think BvS will draw on? Do you want to see some aspects of the comic make it to the live-action film or would you be disappointed if the story isn’t 100% unique?