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Episode 111: 6th Anniversary Special

BTO E111 Pic

Could it get any bigger than this? BTO’s sixth anniversary is a meeting of the minds, as I am joined by Michael Bailey, Josh Bertone, Donovan Morgan Grant, and Tom Panarese to discuss three major storylines of the 1990s: Knightfall, Zero Hour, and Prodigal. After discussing our thoughts and history with these particular stories, we also look at Barbara Gordon’s role in each of the stories specifically in Batman #499, Batman #511 and Detective Comics #680. Be prepared for nerdism, continuity debates, references to pop culture and music and much much more! Stay tuned at the end for some conversations that did not make the cut!


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  • Ian Miller

    Loved this episode! These events are forgotten, except for Knightfall – until I read Dixon’s run on Robin (because of Stephanie Brown, natch), I had no idea that Dick had been Batman before Morrison put him in the cowl. I can’t wait (as I’ve said before) till you get to the Birds of Prey era, but until then, these glimpses of Barbara integrating herself into the Batfamily and the wider world of Gotham are fascinating, especially shedding light on this neglected era of Bat-canon.