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Episode 112

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The first Black Canary-Huntress-Oracle team-up? Kinda sorta! Here to tackle Black Canary #10 and Showcase ’94 #12 with me is Ryan Daly. After some listener emails, I review Batgirl #46, and Gotham Academy #12 and #13. Chris Karnes gives his Batman ’66 review, and Babs in the Tube and my literature recommendation round out the episode.


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  • The Japanese thug was wearing an Oni mask, which is a totem for demons and Devils. His waist and ribs were taped as a sign that he was a gang member. Japanese street hoods tape their sides to show they get in lots of fights. Basically the mask and tape served as the thug’s costume to intimidate opponents in Japan. It just so happened he was in Gotham.

  • Ian Miller

    While every point you make about Batgirl #47 is valid, I have to say, since I’m just here for Steph, I really enjoyed it. I think the fight scene with her, though it makes no sense in a martial arts way, was really fun and colorful, and while you disagree, I think it’s nice that Babs and Steph needed to work together to overcome the Hasigawa boss. I think a Catwoman crossover would have been nice, but since Valentine is off of that book, very unlikely to happen (especially since the current writer seems intent on wrecking everything she did in that book).

    I enjoy the Showcase of Oracle, though I tend to agree that it’s not the best thought-through of fights sometimes. Chuck Dixon hadn’t really established Oracle’s modus operandi yet in the DCU, and while I think Petersen and Stelfreeze had some good ideas (and Devin Grayson really liked the thought they put into things like the fact that Babs’s wheelchair had no handles), it wasn’t until Dixon and Simone put together the Birds of Prey that I think Oracle really became a character to love instead of admire.

  • WheelchairNinja

    Great episode as always, Stella. I’ll definitely have to look up that Showcase issue. Just wanted to share this amazing Oracle fanart I found: http://merkymerx.deviantart.com/art/Oracle-Workout-580463633

  • Glenn Girol

    Thank you Chris for your review of Batman’66 #30. I think that- while acknowledging your perfect 10 out of 10 score- I maybe loved the book even more than you did! I’ll give you that the concept of crafting a story from the show’s opening credits was “light”, but the epic that the Allreds spun out of that gave me more joy than any book since my childhood. I suppose that the greatest praise I can give is that I will certainly never be able to watch the opening of the show again without thinking of Batman’66 #30.
    You expressed some disappointment over a lack of “shared love” for the book, and while I agree that it seems to have passed without much notice, the reviews I did find were unanimously, enormously positive. That is, with the shocking exception of the host of your and my favorite podcast. On the TBU comiccast, Stella gave Batman’66 #30 a ‘neutral’. The only way that I can reconcile this is to tell myself that, with the pile of books they read every month for review there, Stella never actually did read Batman’66 #30.
    BTO celebrates a character created in coordination with the tv series. Stella even uses a Batman’66 sound drop in her opening. And Batman and Robin could not enjoy complete success in Batman’66 #30 without the timely aid of a beautifully rendered Yvonne Craig Batgirl.
    If Stella did, in fact, read Batman’66 #30, then her ‘neutral’ review calls into question everything- her judgement, perception, taste, capacity for critical analysis. I would also have to question my own judgement for listening to a hundredish episodes of her show. Therefore, since I can’t come to terms with all that, I’m going with Stella didn’t read it.