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Episode 112

Episode 112


BBFB: Batman: Aftershock


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:20 Comic News
0:23:14 Detective Comics #18
0:42:25 Batman #18
1:10:47 Batgirl #18
1:29:27 Batman and Robin #18
1:44:05 BBFB
2:00:29 Listener Q&A's
2:17:59 Closing
2:22:05 Outtakes



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  • Alex

    Great podcast guys! The reason why I'm still reading Batgirl and Red Hood is because I'm hoping they'll get better. I'm a big fan of Marv Wolfman's New Teen Titans and Starfire was my favorite character. So now that I saw how butchered she was, I have to see some redemption. Like I said, I only just picked them up because of Death of the Family and was hoping to see the repercussions of the story. So far I'd put them both at a 3/5. I even picked up the last Teen Titans issue, which was bad, but I had to finish the Death of the Family story.  I'm also still reading Superman and it's been terrible, but I'm still hoping it gets better. I see things through.  I'm like the Captain. I go down with the ship!

    As with my ratings for the issues

    Detective Comics 18- 4/5- I've been really liking Detective Comics lately, however, I always forget what happened in the issue until I hear your reviews. I completely forgot about Zsasz and you guys reminded me how much I really liked it.

    Batman 18- 3.5/5 
    Batgirl 18- 3/5
    Batman and Robin 18- 5/5  The first issue I read multiple times on release. It's the best issue of the year, dethroning Batman and Robin annual #1 as my favorite. I never felt sad while reading a comic and it really hit me. Because it felt so sudden in Batman Inc., Damian's death didn't really sink in until I read this issue.

  • Alex

    I was curious on what is all your favorite genre and mood of a Batman story. Because of your fantastic Robin special, I read a lot of old Batman stories and it rejuvenated a lot of my love for the character.  When reading the Jason Todd era of Robin, I was surprised to see how much Batman smiled. Jim Starlin wrote a very dark detective story dealing with rape, meanwhile having Batman struggling with trying to guide Jason to a moral path. No matter how dark the story seemed, he wrote a Batman who smiled and was friendly to civilians. He comforted people who were hurting and showed various moments of compassion. Lately it seems like a lot of writers are trying to push a Batman that is more socially awkward and kind of a jerk. Comparing the different eras, at times it seems how dark the Batman character has been written lately is silly. One of my favorite moments of the New 52, was in Batman the Dark Knight #10, where Batman is trying question Claire about who kidnapped her, but ends up just sitting beside her to comfort her, because she was so frightened. Moments like that remind me why Batman is my all time favorite character. I really value your opinions! Thanks!

  • SCOTTT!!!!!!WHY!!?? He was my favorute writer at dc, but this is getting ridiculas. NOT EVERY ARC HAS to be 9 to 11 issues long! Its crazy that Year Zero is 11 issues. I mean, look at year one. it is most likely the best Batman origin story, and it is only four issues long. for the first time in almost two years, I am seriously considering droping the batman title. Anyway, excelent episode guys. Oh this is random, but i was wondering what your favorite Batman story/ graphic novel is.

  • Oh ya, and i also realy liked Zsaasz's introduction into the new 52, i was just psyched that he was introduced

  • Jay

    Batman 18 – 4/5: it does echos 'lonely place of dying'  but I love how Batman shoots down that notion by lashing out at Harper and punching her in the face.
    Batman and Robin 18 – 5/5: I did a read of this one while listening to 'Aurora' by Hans Zimmer.
    I haven't been reading Batgirl or Detective because they have been boring and I decided to waist my time reading two other boring books and foolishly betting that they will hopefully get better. And those books are Teen Titans and Red Hood.
    Red Hood and Outlaws 18 – 4/5: I just liked how Jason and Bruce are starting to have some kind reconciliation and hope fully the new creative team will manage to tunnel this title out the ditch Lobdell dropped it into, so looking forward to Lobdell moving off this series.
    Teen Titans 18 – 2/5: I feel like you guys do with Batgirl and Gail Simone. I just want to rip my hair out with how many plot threads Lobdell introduces and goes nowhere with. I know they hired him because he wrote for X-men and he can do ensemble characters and what not, but with X-men he had over half a century worth of continuity and characters to cull from. Here, it's a brand new universe and he's introducing characters and villains like where we're supposed to know who the f*** they are and what they want, build some characterization dammit. hopefully DC will get someone else to write this book and then I will get to read Teen Titans and not the X-men.
    Batman The Dark Knight 18 – 3/5: Love the art and van Sciver's cape, really hope to see more half naked Bruce. Let's get to the point already with this Mad Hatter thing. And I always hate when Bruce has for some reason revealed his identity to the love interest, why bother like we really want to see him deal with the drama. We've seen this before she's ultimately going to end up in the fridge.
    Nightwing 18 – 3/5: This issue is titled Slow Burn and they really managed to live up to it by finally getting somewhere with this Sonia Branch thing right on the very last page of the issue. I am so not looking forward to this Tony Zucco development. He was delt with in Dark Victory and Year Three — must we rehash this. I liked that he was in Dicks past much like Bruce's Joe Chill but now he's probably not going to die again and will be a lame mob boss nemesis to Nightwing. As for the art, looking forward to a new artist like I said my main issue is with the faces and how Juan José Ryp can't draw them in perspective and I also don't like how Brett Smith colors the characters when out of costume he's really generous with the highlights. However, I do like how he colors them in costume. Love the inks on the shot of Nightwings ass when Batman leaps out into the night, however Smith could have been a little more generous with the highlights there.