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Episode 113: Shipper Special #5

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Do you enjoy a good romance? How about a bad one? Well, you’re in luck, because you are about to experience both of them in good supply! Join Donovan Morgan Grant and me as we lay out the best (and worst) shippers found throughout Batman: The Animated Series, The New Batman Adventures, Batman Beyond and the accompanying films. With so many pairs to choose from, what could possibly go wrong?!


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  • Ian Miller

    Great episode – it’s always a delight to hear Donovan and Stella really getting into the stories! I just had a couple of comments about the question of “Can Batman be truly happy in a romantic relationship?” I think that if you look at the other two major marriages/long term romantic relationships with heros in comics – Spider-Man and Superman – there’s almost never an example of a superhero who has a secret identity of such prominance as Batman who has a romantic partner who also has a secret identity. Having a secret, “Masks only” marriage wouldn’t be very satisfying to anyone, and having them be together in public with their civilian identities would put their masked partnership at serious risk of discovery. Add to that the difficulty most writers have in writing a status quo of a happy romantic relationship without sidelining one of the characters, and the fact that most writers and editors think that if Batman were truly happy, he would stop being Batman, and I just don’t see it happening in mainstream continuity.

    I happen to disagree that it couldn’t work out (though I don’t really have an investment in any particular ship for Bruce – now Tim Drake is another matter… ;), but I don’t think there’s a writer who is willing to do it who has the power to make it stick.