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Episode 113.5

TBUCP E113.5


0:00:00 Intro
0:04:39 Comic News
0:15:17 Batwing #18
0:24:48 Batwoman #18
0:40:10 Talon #6
0:54:29 Teen Titans #18
1:05:21 Catwoman #18
1:19:13 Red Hood and the Outlaws #18
1:31:39 Worlds' Finest #10
1:43:37 Birds of Prey #18
2:09:42 Closing



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  • Pavel

    hey can yoyu guys lower your mic sensastivity. 

  • Alex

    Great job guys! If I was a new listener I would never have known this was a debut episode, because of how professional you all sounded. I only read Red Hood and the Outlaws and Teen Titans, but it was still very interesting to hear your thoughts on the other series. You guys were much more positive on Teen Titans then I was, and I was glad to hear the new perspectives. It made me appreciate certain aspects more.

  • Mary G

    Since I've stuck with Talon since the beginning, I thought it was interesting to hear your perspective on it again.  Personally, I may have dropped it too if Casey Washington hadn't shown up in the story.  After episode #5, where Batman and Nightwing have a cameo (Dick is changing a light bulb on the ceiling of the Batcave while Bruce is telling him about the recent Talon activity that has taken place), I was thinking I'd really like the old man, Sebastian Clark, killed off. I don't think Calvin really needs a benefactor since he now has Casey.  I am really hoping he is one of the bad guys in order to get rid of him.  As I said before, Casey is my favorite character in the book.  I could see her filling the role of Oracle in the DC Universe since she had all the computer and technology expertise, has run her own organization to get back at the Court of Owls, and, because she is the single mother of a young child, she has no aspirations to fight crime as a costumed hero. To me she is currently one of the best written and drawn females in the Batman Universe.