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Episode 114

Episode 114 Pic

Join Andy, Brian and Jamie as they discuss news related to Batman v Superman, the animated Batman vs Robin film, the documentary Batkid Begins, Gotham, LEGO Batman 3’s new DLC, some new merchandise and round out with some listener feedback.


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  • Hey guys, great show yet again. Your thoughts on a Batman tv show or movie set in the 60’s sounds awesome, this has to become a reality #Confirmed!

    • I knew I wasn’t the only one! lol! Thanks man!

    • Andy P

      Hey guys, love the show, totally brightens up my early mornings working.

      So speaking of Batman v Superman, I’ve got a question that I’ve love to hear you guys talk about. In the dark knight returns, batman is obviously disappointed in superman because of his willingness to submit to the authority of anyone with “a badge or a flag…” Who’s right? Superman, who thinks that he and the Justice league should be subject to an earthly authority? Or Batman, who says that Clark gave up the powers that should have been theirs. I’d be interested to know your thoughts on it, especially cause this issue crops up all over the place, and there’s never really a resolution, at least not that I know of.

      • Brian

        Batman’s right. Batman’s ALWAYS right, Andy.

    • Brian

      Since I wasn’t able to do the show this week, I’ll respond to these here. Thanks for all your feedback, Batfans!

      Agreed, Mike!! Let’s make it happen!! Patrick Warburton for “Batman ’66” 2.0! #Confirmed

  • Ryan Lovatt

    Greetings boys,

    I really enjoy the show and wait every week for it, as always it’s a great way to pick up the news and theories you guys lay down.

    I could hazard a guess as to which Batman from movies and TV are your respective favourites (feel free to say which one(s)) but I have a fan feedback question for you that is mainly comic related. Which is your most and least favourite alternate reality Batman? (i.e, Red Rain, Thrillkiller, Noir, All Star Batman *shudder*, Kingdom Come).

    Keep up the good work and you will keep this listener.


    • Brian

      Glad you dig the show, Ryan! Thanks for listening.

      Favorite alternate reality comic book Batman?? Hmm….I’d have to go with Thomas Wayne from Flashpoint. Does that count as alternate reality?? I think so. The idea of the Wayne Casino as a way to bring criminals to him?? BRILLIANT!! Plus, those Wayne Casino chips from Comic Con were awesome!!

  • Travis

    You guys are one of the best parts of my week! (That is, the weeks we are blessed with episodes cough…cough..) 🙂 would you rather be batman or be another member of the justice league so that you could be around batman

    • Brian

      Glad we’re there for ya, Travis!!

      Good question. My knee-jerk reaction is to say I’d wanna be Batman but the alure of having superpowers may be too much for me. I could be Batman now if I didn’t like Taco Bell so much and my parents alive.
      So, I guess I’d wanna be Superman cuz let’s be honest, he can do it all or Green Lantern. I’ve always loved the idea of using my imagination to come up with the craziest stuff in the universe!

  • An Dee DJ Supernova

    Yo what’s your favorite batman nickname?! Mine is when the Joker calls him Bats all the time in the Arkham series

    • Brian

      I’ll go with “Batsy” as spoken by the immortal Jack Nicholson in Batman ’89!! #Confirmed

  • Thanks for all the feedback guys! We’ll definitely tackle this stuff on the show! #Confirmed