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Episode 114

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BTO has gone up a few IQ points! Professor Alan joins me to talk about Batman #520! Who is he and why is he a Professor? You’ll just have to listen and find out! I briefly discuss Babs’ appearance in Azrael #5, and then address some listener comments. After the break I review Batgirl #47 and Gotham Academy #14, mention Black Canary #5-6, and Chris gives his Batman ’66 review. The last New Adventures of Batman from 1977 hits Babs in the Tube, and my literature recommendations finishes up the episode. Stayed tuned for some baaaaaaad treats at the end!


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  • Re: Bruce and Selina’s relationship that produced Helena being presumed as a “dalliance”, not true. They were married. They both were killed tho

  • In reference to your Aarow rabbit trail you mentioned that Falcity was becoming that worlds Oracle. In the episode when Oliver gives Falicity her code name, Overwatch, he actually says he would have called her Oracle, but that name was already taken.

  • Ian Miller

    I think Bab’s bike is held up by Steph and Harper’s enthusiasm!

    Steph not knowing people’s identity was one way the writers just kept treating her unfairly – first with Tim, then with Matches Malone, both with pretty tragic consequences for poor Steph. Hopefully, Barbara sharing more information with her (and hopefully continuing Eiko’s training from Catwoman) is an indication that Steph won’t be dealt such a dirty hand this time around. (I’m assuming that since Steph was staying in Luke’s apartment, Babs intentionally let her know her identity).

  • Move over Shag, Stella’s got a new (and more refined) guest-host. Professor Alan did an amazing job on the podcast. I was pleased to hear his take on some Babs-related stuff and laughed at the jokes relating to his own podcasts. A wonderful job by all.

  • Playing catch-up on podcasts right now. Just listened to BTO #114 with Professor Alan Quarterbin! Really enjoyed this fun episode and the interaction between the Prof and Stella was equally fun! While I didn’t own that issue of Batman (I had stopped reading Batman, at least for a while, around issue #500), the coverage was solid and the issue sounded interesting! Best part is that Shag dominated the conversation, without even being there! Quite a feat! Even I’m impressed!