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Episode 115

Episode 115 Pic

Join Jaime and Andy as they discuss last week’s news including some Batman v Superman’s Jesse Eisenberg and Scoot McNairy news briefs. After talking about some comments from the DC Movie-verse’s Flash, Suicide Squad is the talk of the town with the exit of Tom Hardy and the possibility of Batman making appearance in the film. After talking about all of the DC shows that have gotten renewals, a little discussion about the upcoming Supergirl series. Merchandise news and listener Q&A’s round out the episode. Be sure to leave your comments for next week’s episode.


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  • Hi guys, great show and thanks for reading my comment. Would you rather (a) use Jaime’s great idea and make a movie or Limited TV series based on a Batman set in the 60’s using big named actors like your Brad Pitt Joker suggestion and let George Clooney redeem himself as Batman or (b) Get Christian Bale back in the suit to do more sequels but set them between Batman Begins and Dark Knight or (c) Bring Batman 89 and Batman Returns forward 20 years and continue this series but with modern budgets, CGI, screenwriters etc but have all the actors be the age there were back then ( i.e. Michael Keaton in his late 30’s ). Thanks again and keep up the fun show.

  • Biflor

    Really nice podcast, loved it! I only discovered this website, which makes me a little bit sad..100+ episodes missed 🙂

    (The music volume at the end was a bit too high and covered your voices)
    Keep up the good work batbros!

  • Adam

    Great Show Guys! When are we going to have a crossover Batman Universe event with you guys and the Comics Cast!!!!