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Episode 115.5

TBUCP E115-5


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:15 Comic News
0:05:54 Batwoman #19
0:21:27 Birds of Prey #19
0:33:33 Catwoman #19
0:47:31 Talon #7
1:01:00 Red Hood and the Outlaws #19
1:12:15 Batwing #19
1:30:22 Teen Titans #19
1:45:31 Listener Q&A's
1:51:28 Closing
1:53:04 Outtakes



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  • Pavel

    You should do a monthly podcast after every month.

  • Alex

    Another great episode. I'm in the exact situation you mentioned in regards to Teen Titans. I'm reading it for Tim and picked it up because of the Death of the Family. I hate the way he was portrayed in the zero issue and I'm not digging the way he's being written in Teen Titans at all. However, like you guys said, if you step back it's not a bad title if you're reading it for the Teen Titans, but I'm not interested in the other characters. As unsatisfactory as Red Hood and the Outlaws has been in the past, I'm hoping it will continue to get better. Beside Cassandra Cain, Starfire is my favorite female character, but it was because of the way she was written in the New Teen Titans, so it's tough seeing the way she's being written. Although I could say that with a lot of characters in the New 52.  I picked up Talon because of Bane, because he's my favorite Batman villian, and I'm intrigued. I was really looking forward to your dicussion, because I'm always happy to hear a discussion about Bane in a positive light! Although, because he's my favorite villain I'd want to see him in a main Batman title. However, the more I think about it, it might be a good thing. It seems like they keep increasing the powers of the villains and they just seem like characatures of themselves, like with Clayface now being able to extract the memories and forms from people, Joker turning into a super ninja who can teleport all over the Bat-Universe and set up such elaborate schemes in such short periods of time, Riddler having like 20 ways to break out of his cell, Mr. Freeze being full blown psycho, etc. It doesn't come off as a mature to me at all, just silly. Same goes with the heroes. And I don't think going on about your  love Batman TAS gives you a free pass. What are your thoughts on this? Maybe I'm the odd one. I liked the idea of Tim Drake being a really intelligent detective, who in the back of my mind made me think if I worked hard enough I could become like him. Now that's he's brat who seems to have SUPER intelligence, there's no appeal. Thanks a lot guys!

  • albahan888

    Ok maybe you forgot this but Batwoman's being blackmailed by the DEO she didn't really choose to be with them and she doesn't hate Batman she just hates being controlled. If she had her choice it would probably be neither Inc or the DEO. You both read this very differently than I did. She clearly likes Batman enough to get inspired to be a hero by him but I think she thinks the bat symbol is bigger than one Batman. Also Chase's backstory is from old continuity. I don't see how it fits in the crunched timeline but it is what it is.

  • Mary G

    After listening to the podcast, I went back and looked at the previous issues of Talon.  It appears to me that Calvin Rose is a character that does not have very much self motivation.  The reason he came back to Gotham was to take the opportunity of the Court of Owls being in disarray after their run-in with Batman to destroy records of himself and Casey.  Sebastian used the threat of Casey and her daughter's safety, caused by Calvin resurfacing, to get him to do his bidding.   Now Sebastian needs Casey to control him.  

    When we first see Casey, it is evident that she wanted to fight the Court of Owls from the beginning and it was Calvin who wanted to run. She has spent the time she was hiding building an organization that helps people escape the clutches of criminal organizations. Many of them low level criminals that Batman would be locking up instead of trying to help. In the past they had a system of drop boxes for her to leave false identities for him, so I think it's plausible they have a system to contact each other if they become separated.  If one of them doesn't make contact in a given time frame, it means they are in trouble. I don't see her riding off into the sunset because it was her dream to help the people in these organizations and she would want to save Calvin.  Also, Sebastian and the Court are still after her.

     What I hope is that Casey will be forced to go to Batman–it's completely plausible to me that she could hack his comm system–in order to rescue Calvin.  It looked to me that Bane killed Calvin by snapping his neck.  He would then be back as a resurrected Talon which could make for some interesting story lines.  Also, I can see her having conflict with Batman on several different levels. 

  • Ed Grause



         We will be doing one of these every month! Your wish is our command!