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Episode 116

Episode 116 Pic

Join Andy and Jaime as they discuss the TBU news from last week. Some of the highlights include Suicide Squad’s Margot Robbie talking Harley Quinn, Jason Momoa talking Aquaman amd then cover a ton of listener Q&A’s. Be sure to leave your comments for next week below.


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  • Just wanting to add my thoughts on alternative Bat movies, especially a new take on Batman 66. I would LOVE to see a DC Animated movie set in the world of Batman 66. You could still use remaining cast members as the voices! Imagine West and Ward reprising their roles! Newmar could be Catwoman. You would then just hire Ralph Garman to do the rest (if you’ve ever heard Hollywood Babble-On you’ll know what I mean). Just imagine all the colour and the style of that show done in animation. It would be, in my mind, like the Batman 66 comic series come to life. It would be amazing. At least I think so anyway.

  • Eric

    Hey guys. Love the podcast and I enjoy the listener Q&A discussions. First and foremost, I’m excited for the new universe that DC is building. I couldn’t be happier with the direction they’re going- specifically when it comes to The Bats.

    I was interested to hear you all discuss whether you think the Nolanverse could have in fact been an entry point to the the DC film universe. We all know that Nolan’s take on the character was a realistic version where no other superheroes existed. In my opinion, MOS works in Nolan’s universe in that it showed what would happen if a superhero actually existed in the real world. You could then theoretically have an established Batman, who has had several years of existence fighting his rogues gallery. We know they are going with an established Batman in this new DC cinematic universe so what do you think? Could it have worked?

  • Albert V.

    Hey guys love the podcast #confirmed

    I love the q&a portion of the show because i love hearing other batfans opinions and thoughts on things and plus you guys always answer them entertainingly

    So here’s my question… I find myself conflicted… What are your thoughts on batfan posers/imposters… Not true fans but try to pass as one, for example wearing bat gear at every opportunity…i feel like it weakens my fandom just kidding… But it slightly bothers me … At first i get offended by them, then i come around to convincing myself that they are a major part of the reason that we keep getting new batman stuff (i.e movies, animated shows, hot topic tshirts, gotham tv show)… I always find myself coming around to the idea of them making the batfan army larger…. Just wanted to hear your thoughts on it.