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Episode 116



BBFB: Batman: Road to No Man's Land


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:17 Comic News
0:12:14 Batman #20
0:27:53 Batman Beyond #22
0:37:01 Batman and Robin #20
1:19:02 Detective Comics #20
1:34:39 BBFB
1:45:40 Listener Q&A's
1:52:34 Closing
1:54:19 Outtakes



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  • Alex

    Great episode guys! Although the story may not have been the greatest, I really liked the characterization of Batman and Superman in the backup of Batman #20. As long as the character is well written, then it's always worth checking out. For an example if there was a lousy episode of Batman TAS, I'd still enjoy it because Batman's character was still written in character and I love how they wrote him. That's how I've kind of felt about Detective Comics recently. It may not blow me away storywise, but I still am enjoying their depiction of Batman. Now in regards to Batman and Robin both issues 19 and 20, I don't feel like I'm reading Batman. It's way out of character and I don't like it at all. I'm not against him grieving or becoming darker because of a tragic event. I loved scenes such as him being more reckless and brutal after A Death in the Family, punching Superman for getting in his way of his revenge on Joker, strangling Joker in Hush,  or like in  Bruce Wayne Fugitive/Murderer with him going off and dropping the Bruce Wayne persona. That wasn't out of character at all. Dealing with grief didn't make him any less honorable or heroic. In these issues he's written very unlikeable. I don't feel for him and find him pathetic. After reading issue #20, I was kind of repulsed. I faced various traumatic experiences growing up and was forced to face the repeatively by someone very close to me. Recalling Batman stories, is what got me through them, especially Knightfall. It's a story that's helped me to this day. Now reading a story with Batman doing this to someone bugs me. I was very happy that Jason took the high road in the situation though. It wasn't a terrible issue, but I didn't enjoy it because I'm reading it for the character. The reason I continue reading comics to follow the characters. Now as terrible as an issue I thought Batgirl #19 was, I was never a fan of Gail Simone's Batgirl, so it didn't upset me.

    I just finished reading the complete Red Robin and Young Justice series and thoroughly enjoyed them. I wanted to know what are some of your favorite recent stories or runs in the Batman Universe. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • David

    Another great episode guys, thanks.  I just wanted to point something out that should answer the question of why Clayface was wearing the batsuit when he was robbing the bank as Bruce Wayne.  In issue #20 of Batman when Clayface is spouting out his long monologue on how he was blackmailing rich guys he talks about how he is going to get to Batman.  In the panel right before he swallows Bruce, Clayface tells him there is no better way to lure Batman than to have his own benefactor, Bruce Wayne, go on a crime spree using Batman's gear.  Hopefully that will put your guys' minds at ease that Snyder didn't throw out the big reveal that Bruce Wayne was wearing Batman's suit and then just forgot about it.  Though I agree that if by now Commissioner Gordon hasn't been able to figure out Bruce Wayne is Batman he is definitely in the wrong line of work.  Looking forward to another great podcast.

  • Kevin

    Blow-Joe?! Hahaha! that was the greatest things i've ever heard in my life Blow-Joe

  • Ryan

    Hello all,

    Another great episode. Wanted to ask a quick question regarding the "not confirmed" villain month. First off I think this is a great idea, I liked the concept of Zero Month and read every issue…really got me into a few series that I had no interest in picking up in the first place. Just wanted to get your opinion on which villains you think would be highlighted for each series…and also are there any villains you think should not be highlighted? I know Joker was focused on for Death of the Family but does he deserve another spotlight so soon after?

    Again loved listening to the episode keep it up 🙂

  • Mary G

    Hi guys and Stella,

    Just a thought I had as to why Damian would be taking acting lessons.  It is something that was planted in my head from the cover of Batman Inc #10 with Batman and all the "test-tube" Robins.  What if Damian was not the original Damian and was taking acting lessons to help him fit in better?  Isn't the "brother" that fought him a clone of Damian therefore making him Bruce and Talia's son also? So what if the Damian we all came to like, was getting to be a real boy, and sacrificed himself to stop his mother wasn't the original Damian?  He would have been Bruce's son and it would have been him that everyone came to care for in the end. What if when the "real" Damian is discovered, he is still kind of a brat?  It would not diminish the lose of a child and would complicate Damian's and Bruce's relationship even further.  I hadn't been reading Batman Inc and Batman and Robin until recently, so I don't know if there is even an opportunity for a swap to occur.