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Episode 117

BTO E117 Pic

Shag and Stella Season 2 begins here! After an explanation of what a crossover between BTO and “Friends” would look like, Shag and I talk about the Underworld Unleashed miniseries and then review the tie-in issue Patterns of Fear #1. We also review the Elseworlds story Brotherhood of the Bat before I tackle some listener emails and comments. Alone, I review Batgirl #49 and Gotham Academy #16. Chris gives his Batman ’66 review, and I finish the episode with my literature recommendation.


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  • Ian Miller

    Wonderful episode, Stella. I really enjoy your banter with Shag, though I think Mr. Morgan Grant provides a deeper social commentary ;). I must take issue with Shag’s comparison of Ra’s Al Ghul to Trump – not because I want in any way to defend Trump, but because I don’t think Trump in any way resembles the elegance, planning, careful thought, and finely honed malice of Ra’s. It’s like comparing a razor with a hammer – both can be equally destructive, but in different ways. (And I say this as a die-hard conservative, though not primarily a Republican. So there, Shag!)

    I was very interested to hear about this 90s crossover. I thought the story about Oracle sounded pretty cool, if a bit…stereotypical, after the Showcase story about her fighting someone in her own home? I wish more people caught on more quickly about the types of stories you could tell with Oracle, like Ostrander did with Oracle Year One and Suicide Squad. But Birds of Prey should be starting soon! Are you (Stella) collecting the new collections of the Birds of Prey trade paperbacks as they are re-released?

  • Ah, isn’t everything quieter with Shagg? I mean, he’s just so shy and never has silly things to say or shows to plug. I mean, c’mon, Stella, give the guy a chance to say something once in a while. 😉

    OK, seriously, this was another really great episode. I’m so glad somebody had to nerve to dive in and cover (at least briefly) the Underworld Unleashed crossover. It happened right about the time I was giving up on 90% of my favorite comics, so I only picked up a few of the tie-in issues later on (and sadly, the bad ones).

    I had never heard of Brotherhood of the Bat before. The title alone made it sound interesting. Shagg is right (yes, that’s one of his favorite phrases so I’m sure he’s smiling now) about the Elseworlds books all being Batman-centric and losing a lot of their readability by this point. As wonderful as the concept was and still is, that fact remains that without a good story to tell the idea is pointless.

    Tim is not your favorite Robin?! *gaaaaaaaaaasp* I am not sure how to take this utterly depressing news.

    I know we are a few years off at this point in the overall Babs timeline, but do you plan to cover the 1998 one-shot Girl Frenzy: Batgirl?

  • Thanks for the thoughtful reply regarding forming my own opinion on the early new 52 issues of Batgirl. Do you have any recommendations for the best Batgirl stories?