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Episode 117



BBFB: Batman: Road to No Man's Land


0:00:00 Intro
0:03:35 Comic News
0:38:58 Batman: The Dark Knight #20
0:53:21 Nightwing #20
1:12:42 Batman Incorporated #11
1:23:43 Batman: The Dark Knight Annual #1
1:30:58 Batman Beyond Chapter #23
1:41:37 Batgirl #20
2:16:01 BBFB
2:26:13 Listener Q&A's
3:02:19 Closing
3:04:47 Outtakes



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  • Christian

    As always I loved the show.

    I wanted to make a comment about Villains Month and Forever Evil. I know most of you were frustrated by all the batman titles in September, I was too.  But then thought about it for awhile and it to me it makes sense for why DC felt the need to publish all the bat-villains books. It's called villains month and what hero arguably has the most popular rogues gallery? Batman. If DC would of just had books for Joker, Two-Face, Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Bane, Ra's Al Ghual and Freeze fans would be going off on DC for leaving out other great villains. I know the argument could  made that other DC villains should be spot-lighted and the major ones have but Batman (sorry I'm typing on my phone and can't  bring the rest of my comment up here)




    atman just has so many great recognizable ones that would sell well that it would be dumb to leave them out. Also what are your thoughts on the 7 issue limited series for Forever Evil by Geoff Johns and David Finch does a story about the heroes losing and the villains winning interest you?





  • Alex


         Great discussions as always.   I finally feel like I'm reading Nightwing with the characterization I'm more familiar with since this Chicago story picked up.  After reading this last issue all I could think of was Bender from Futurama saying, "I'm back Baby!" I'm glad to hear that you guys enjoyed the Dark Knight Annual. It's a lot of fun. Seeing the villians interact together reminded me of one of my favorite issues, Arkham Asylum Tales of Madness #1.  I'm looking foward to your thoughts on Batman 21. Although I didn't care for the middle finger, couldn't they at least used a more subtle censor bar? Also, all I could think of was the Princess Diaries when Bruce said "Shut up". I thought that was just a hollywood thing for teenage girls. Anyways, Greg Capullo is killing it with the art. However, storywise, I understand why they would tie a villian in with the origin for a movie, but for the comic, I hate it. I loved the Court of Owls, but then it became ridiculous how much they were involved with the history of the Bat-Family. Then again, I liked what they did with Hush being Bruce's childhood friend, so it's possible Snyder can pull something off.

    Being that it's becoming more of an issue, I was curious on your thoughts in regards to sex in comics.  Unless it's part of the story, satire, or used for characterization, and not defining a character by their sexuality, I don't appreciate it. I don't understand why people are asking for more sex for a SUPERHERO STORY and wanting to see it drawn. Then again I don't understand why people make superhero pornos and fan fiction, and enjoy perverting something so good.  I also think it's wrong for authors to use numbered issues to teach people about sexuality. If they want to do that, they can make a special issue or new series about it  and let readers know, because it's disingenuous. There's a lot people that can't help that they are attracted to little kids, because they were sexually abused, or maybe even born that way. Should there be a superhero they can relate to with that struggle? The same thing can be said in regards to religion. A person can be introduced to a religion through a character, but shouldn't be learning relgion from superhero comics. A character like Daredevil is sometimes written to be Catholic, but goes around having sex with various women, which is against that religion. I hope people aren't becoming Catholic because they think you get to murder people during baptisms like in the Godfather.  While watching the Powerpuff Girls, I never questioned the Professor's sexuality, because he created his girls in a lab, and didn't have children in a traditional manner. All I thought about were his funny methods of parenting, because that was his purpose on the show.  Later they did a episode where he was dating a villan in disguise, and the Powerpuff girls had to to uncover her. I wasn't thinking if he had sex with her or if he using her as a cover up.  It's weird that people want these type of things addressed.  One big debate among Spider-man fans for years has been if Peter Parker had sex with Mary Jane for the first time while grieving. I understand if it's part of the story like when Ollie cheated on Dinah in Green Arrow, or trying to figure out when Damian was born, or like in Gotham City Central where it was showing how Reneee Montoya's sex life was straining her relationship with her father. Speeking of which, after finding out she was a lesbian, I didn't go backing thinking, wow what a strong gay character, the way she defended Batman in the Batman TAS episode P.O.V. She was my favorite character in the episode because she showed integrity by giving credit to Batman for saving their lives and showed bravery in saving Batman from the gunmen, qualities anyone can use to apply to their lifestyle.

    Thanks a lot guys and I really appreciate the reccomendations from the last episode. The reason why I checked out Young Justice was because of your mentions on a commentary, in regards to the treatment of the Batman Universe by the DC heroes, reacting to the events in Tower of Babel.


  • Beth

    Hello, BTU! I just started getting caught up on podcasts after a crazy summer of moving and stuff and just listned to 117. I wanted to thank you for reading the entire letter I wrote in response to the discussion you had a few months ago about Alysia in Batgirl coming out as trans*. I did not realize as I was writing it how long the letter ended up being so I was surprised, pleasantly, that you read the whole thing. Thanks for your response and your openness to people disagreeing with you. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of your comments.