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Episode 118

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Do you like superhero movies? Do you like Naughty Dog games? Do you like “The Clone Wars?” If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this is the episode for you! Ed Grause joins me as we explore our mutual likes and dislikes in the world of superheroes and geekdom. We review the Batman: Haunted Knights series, Batgirl #50-51 and Gotham Academy #17. You can also expect beaucoup listener feedback, Chris’ Batman ’66 review and some literature recommendations.


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  • Ian Miller

    Interesting perspectives on the end of the series. As someone who (as poor Stella knows, after all my complaining) hasn’t really loved the Burnside Batgirl run, I actually really enjoyed the ending issues. I guess if you didn’t like something, it’s more fun to see it come to an end, but if you do love something, it’s very hard (just as it was really hard when Bryan Q. Miller said farewell to Steph in Batgirl #24). I do think it’s a bit arbitrary – but I like that Stewart is closing the run out with some continuity with the Annual and his other series – it ties everything together and makes it feel a bit more essential reading, rather than just “well, we have to print two more issues to reach 52”.

    Your comments about religion and specifically Christian representation in the media are well taken – and I think go along with what I was saying about race in my call-in – that so many characters in general are just not that well written, and this includes their race, sex, sexuality, and religion.

    I made a comment on the Grayson #20 review that I’m looking forward to Dick and Birds of Prey crossing over because I’m partially a Dick/Helena shipper – what does Stella think of that ship?

    Lastly, it was really nice to have Ed on the cast – he was really great, and very funny (though I hope poor Dustin doesn’t listen 😉

    • Dustin Fritschel

      Oh I listened……