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Episode 118



BBFB: Catwoman: I'll Take Manhattan


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:33 Batman #21
0:27:13 Detective Comics #21
0:44:22 Batman Beyond Chapter #24
0:52:41 Batgirl #21
1:20:10 Nightwing #21
1:32:27 BBFB
1:47:40 Closing
1:49:48 Outtakes



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  • Terry

    I had a few thoughts about your discussion of Nightwing.  First, I had gotten the impression that a lot of the reason why Chicago was against masked vigilantes dealt with the property damage that came from having them around.  For example, right after Nightwing shows up in Chicago, he wrecks the brand new elevated train they had built.  I don't know if this is sufficient to justify their hatred of superheroes for you, but it is a little different motivation that that of Watchmen.

    Also, I just had a thought about you saying that Nightwing had been very true to the character of Dick Grayson/Nightwing in the last few issues.  I completely agree.  This title has been true to Dick Grayson/Nightwing in a way that I think all of us are waiting to see with both Jason Todd in RHATO and Tim Drake in Teen Titans.  Unfortunately, I don't know if we'll get what we want.

  • Alex

    Great episode! I'm glad that I wasn't the only one that felt Nightwing was back on track. I'm happy you guys enjoyed Batman #21 as much as you did. I wish I could like it like everyone else, and re-read it after your hearing your reviews, but I didn't enjoy it.

    It really hit me when Dustin said in the comic cast about everyone being arrogant.  It's all I could think of in Flash #21, when Bart calls Barry a "dumbass" and then a loser. Bart Allen was one of the most lovable characters I ever read in comics and to see him written like this is depressing. It's really unfortunate and I think that may be a big reason why I'm not enjoying reading these books. Although I was never a big Batman Beyond fan, I'm probably enjoying it so much because it's lacking in that egotistical tone. It's a shame when the character who's supposed to be the perfect model of humility, Superman, is written with the same arrogance in the current Superman title. And although Superman not may have not been written so egotistical in Action Comics, the writing made up for that with Grant Morrison expecting everyone to work to make sense of what the heck's going on that brain of his. I'm kidding…kinda. I'm sorry, I don't want to be negative! Wonder Woman has been really good! There's a lot of other great books, but I love Batman so much and that's why it bugs me so much.

  • Alex

    I changed my mind, I just read Batman Inc and Detective Comics and forgot about those titles. Actually, I think "Batman" and "Batman and Robin" are really the only titles that I have a problem with the way Bruce has been written . I think of the main Batman titles, Batman Inc. is the only one where I really like both the story and the Bruce Wayne character.