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Episode 119.5

TBUCP E119-5


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:19 Comic News
0:07:48 Birds of Prey #21
0:12:59 Talon #9
0:21:44 Teen Titans #21
0:28:36 Catwoman #21
0:36:53 Batwoman #21
0:49:38 Batwing #21
0:58:56 Red Hood and the Outlaws #21
1:09:59 Listener Q&A's
1:10:33 Closing



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  • Daoud

    Regarding your confusion in Talon #9 as to why Casey didn't try to escape earlier, Calvin slipped it to her when he kissed her then I'm assuming he didn't use the full two minutes because he knew how long it would take her to escape and The Butcher probably went and got some coffee or something assuming Calvin would use the entire time and like the rest of the Court believed they had him firmly under their control so he wouldn't try anything stupid.

    • Daoud

      Sorry, I meant that Calvin slipper her the key/lockpick when he kissed her.

  • Mary G

    I was unable to get a copy of Talon #9 at the place I buy my comics so I didn't actually get to see what was going on in the panels.  But from your description of the action, I wonder if Calvin may have passed the key to Casey when he kissed her.  I've seen that happen quite a bit on TV and in movies.  I'm glad Casey had a way to contact her former team, but I wonder why she didn't contact them when the Butcher first captured her and had her lead him to Calvin.  I will have to try to pick up a copy when I get out of town or download digitally, since I'm curious about Casey's reation to Calvin's appearance.  The last time she saw him he was on the floor with his neck snapped.  As for Red Hood and the Outlaws, I really hope Jason does not go back to killing people if he gets his memory back so I can't see how he would be a very good leader for the League of Assassins in that case.  Finally, I was wondering if Birds of Prey and Talon have made anyone else think about the events of the Night of Owls in a different light.  Didn't Batman and his allies actually kill a lot of the Talons by cutting off their heads?  Now we see that the Talons are basically the same in death as they were in life, was it really ok for them to be killed.  Aren't they superhuman from a "process" like many of Batman's other villains?

  • albahan888

    The Batwoman team had big plans for Croc but unfortunately DC apparently scrapped them for something else. That was what this story was set up for but it is (sadly) now pointless which makes me sad because I loved this issue.

  • Terry

    Do you think Red Hood's involvement with the League will mention or have anything to do with what might happen to Talia/Leviathan in Batman Inc?  This question may be answered before your next .5 podcast but i was just wondering about your thoughts.

  • Ed

    Yeah… you guys nailed it on the head on the kiss… How did we miss it?