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Episode 119



BBFB: Robin: Home and Back


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:26 Comic News
0:16:55 Batman/Superman #1
0:34:35 Batman: The Dark Knight #21
0:54:16 Batman Beyond Chapter #25
1:01:01 Batman and Robin #21
1:31:56 BBFB
1:43:55 Listener Q&A's
1:53:38 Closing
1:55:37 Outtakes



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  • Richie

    its confirmed earth two not a flashback

  • Nick

    Is anyone else still perplexed by the fallout from Death of the Family? I still don't understand what happened in that book that would cause any of the members of the family to distance themselves from Batman. It seems like Snyder and DC had an end goal in mind, but never adequately justified why the end result was the end result. And now months later we're still left referencing the fallout from Death of the Family, and I'm still left asking, "How/why?" It makes even less sense when another book and creator actually killed a member of the family immediately thereafter, prompting a third book to focus on Batman's realtionships with those he supposedly just alienated — but for what reason he alienated them, I still don't know.

  • Jeremy

    Hey guys another awesome podcast, Batman and superman was alright but I don't think I'll purchase it myself( borrowed from a friend to read) personally I don't think you guys should continue to review it because its considered under the superman title line not batman but that's just my vote.

  • Rob

    i think the Batman/Superman book might be better suited over on the.5 cast


  • Terry

    Personally, I'd like you to keep up with Batman/Superman at least for another month or so just because this first issue confused me so much and your explanation of it helped a lot.  However, it doesn't matter to me if it was on the .5 cast instead.

    Also, I thought I'd point out something I saw when they released the October solicits today for Batman/Superman #4.

    "It’s the conclusion of the first arc in this series as one world dies and another lives! Plus: We discover why Superman and Batman have no memory of this tragic first adventure."

    Seems like this might give some credibility to the "two-world" theory.  Doesn't mean it has to be Earth 2 but it does seem to be another Earth.

  • Patrick

    Love the pod guys. Keep up the good work. I would also like it if you kept covering the Batman / Superman books as much as it sounds like you are all not enjoying it. Who knows, it could turn out awesome. 

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go boink in the batcave. 

  • Mary G

    Did anyone else shout "No" when Barbara said she said she would be Robin?  I'm glad I was not in public.  Before that happens, I'd rather Jason come back to be Robin while Babs becomes Red Hood and joins the Outlaws.  She certainly seems violent enough for that lately.

  • Alex

    Great episode guys!

    The past week was much better with Justice League, Batman, and Nightwing. I was really happy to see Alfred slap Bruce. Hopefully it's not what turned him from brash to being an agressive emo. Apparently I'm in the minority, but I liked Batman 22 a lot more than the previous, and it actually makes it like it more, which is great. I rather have a story that I'll grow to love and want to read it over and over, than than have a story I started loving and then wanting it erased from my memory, like Death of the Family.

    My problem with the way Batman is being written is that I don't know if the Batman of the New 52 is supposed to be written as an overly aggressive insane emo, or if it's just bad writing, because if it's the former then I can accept that I don't like the character and I can move on. But then you have other issues and titles where he's acting like the pre-New 52, such as Batman Inc, Detective Comics, and sometimes the Dark Knight. I'm not one of those "My Batman people", and while I don't like the 50's-60's Batman era or 60's tv show, that still has everything Batman is. He was still a honorable and selfless hero, who dedicated his life to uphold justice. Even the Batman of the Dark Knight Returns, while dark, really cared about people, which can be seen when he kisses Selina, rallies the citizens, hugs Carrie, or when he tries to help Two Face. He sees the Joker going on a murdering rampage and takes him out ASAP. None of this weirdo relationship stuff where he continuously taunts the Joker, while his family could be killing eachother in the other room, like Death of the Family or psychologically torturing Jason, or punching Dick in the face to knock a single tooth out, or…….. I'm sorry guys.



  • Troy

    Guys, LOVE the podcast. One thing I would like to comment on is Dustin's frequent exasperation over the inconsistent way Batman acts in different titles being released each month. I think Dustin would enjoy the titles more if he didn't expect each month to offer a Batman in the same emotional state across all Bat-titles. With most titles being written for the trade, each issue doesn't exactly end at a point where you could imagine Batman moving directly to the events in whatever other title also came out that week or the next. For instance, I see the events taking place in Batman Incorporated 6-10,12-13 (can we all agree 11 didn't happen?) happening without any break for the other Batman titles to occur in between. And when I sit down to reread a run of any Bat-title, I'll reread an entire run of whatever title it is, without cross-referencing how Batman behaved in the other Bat-titles or Justice League issues that were released around the same time. I'm sure the nature of reviewing every Bat-title that comes out each week makes the differing portrayals stand out, so I understand where the frustration comes from.  

    Keep up the great work!