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Episode 120



BBFB: Robin: Home and Back


0:00:00 Intro
0:02:27 Comic News
0:17:18 Batman Beyond Chapter #26
0:26:51 Detective Comics #22
0:37:37 Batgirl #22
1:07:41 Batman Incorporated #12
1:19:37 Batman #22
1:38:17 Nightwing #22
1:48:25 BBFB
1:59:16 Listener Q&A's
2:13:34 Closing
2:15:29 Outtakes



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  • richie

    Hey guys favorite anti batman? I thought of 6 red hood, hush, wrath, catman, and deadshot i guess emperor blackgate too

  • Alex

    Thanks for another great episode guys! I actually liked Batman 22, much more than the first issue. It helped seeing Bruce slapped. I'm not a fan of young Bruce acting like a jerk and the finger to the Red Hood. I'm surprised that my favorite issue of the Batman and Robin grieving story arc was the one starring Catwoman. I was so glad seeing Batman smile. That last panel is a good example why I love Batman so much. I just hope he tries to mend all the wounds he caused and brings the Batman family closer than before. If they want to make the villains really dark, that's fine, but let Batman be the light. I don't even remember how good the issue was. It could have been terrible, but that scene made it for me.

    My questions for you: Do you enjoy a simpler plot and heavier character driven stories or very dense plots with lighter character driven stories more? Do you think that one has to be sacrificed for another, so the story doesn't become too overwhelming? If not, can you give an example?