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Episode 121

BTO E121 Pic

What do Batman, Ebola, a pig, and twins have in common? This episode! Tom Panarese and I go on a wild ride discussing the 1996 crossover Batman: Contagion and the 2012-2016 Disney show Gravity Falls. Trust me, it all works out fine!


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  • Ian Miller

    Really great podcast, Stella and Tom – though I was a bit sad there wasn’t more Oracle commentary – but the HUNTRESS commentary made up for it! Birds of Prey (the Gail Simone run) made me an enormous Helena Bertinelli fan, and there actually were some serious looks at how her vigilante life intersected with her teaching. Greg Rucka actually had her fired during Huntress: Cry for Blood, and it was one of the things that was still really hard for the character when she joined Birds of Prey. It managed to get resolved, but even though we’re still probably several years from reaching that point, I don’t want to spoil it for Stella (unless you’ve already read those issues).

    Contagion is one of the crossovers I haven’t tracked down and read – I really enjoyed what I heard about it on this podcast.