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Episode 121.5

TBUCP E121-5


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:29 Comic News
0:07:00 Batman/Superman #2
0:15:55 Batwing #22
0:23:43 Batwoman #22
0:35:29 Birds of Prey #22
0:49:26 Red Hood and the Outlaws #22
1:04:35 Talon #10
1:13:36 Teen Titans #22
1:26:12 Catwoman #22
1:38:48 Listener Q&A's
2:02:53 Closing
2:05:04 Outtakes



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  • Richie

    wrote in about this before, it is earth 2. Here's the interview to prove it. Also you could check out their costumes. Earth 2 is also where Catwoman and Batman are married.

  • Richie
  • Matthew

    Great podcast! I'm a big fan of your guys work. Keep up the awesome work brothers!

  • Ed Grause

    Thanks for the kind words!

    And I do see that it looks like Earth 2… and I have no reason to think otherwise…. but something smells wrong here…




  • Joe Jinks

    I'm surprisd you guys had such a strong reaction to the news that DC put a stop to Batwoman's Killer Croc arc; it was my understanding that Dustin doesn't like supernatural elements in the Batman universe and not only that, but it would be changing the origin of Killer Croc. I absolutely love issue 21 and would be very interested in seeing Blackman and Williams' take on Killer Croc but to be honest, I don't think it should take place in continuity. It sounded to me as if you guys were possibly over-reacting because you were annoyed that DC ediftorial would deny a story, but maybe you're right and I'm just being too much of a fanboy; not wanting to see any deviations of Killer Crocs past.