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Episode 121



BBFB: Nightwing: A Darker Shade of Justice


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:33 Comic News
0:13:44 Batman Beyond Chapter #27-29
0:25:44 Batman: The Dark Knight #22
0:38:25 Batman Annual #2
0:53:14 Detective Comics Annual #2
1:06:13 Batman and Robin #22
1:17:26 Batman Incorparted #13
1:42:56 BBFB
1:53:28 Litener Q&A's
2:22:58 Closing



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  • K. Rockmore

    Great episode as always, though I missed Stella! Here’s a Q&A for you: who, for each of you, are the top five fighters in the old dcu?

  • Stella

    Well, I’m sorry for missing a story about Kitty Pryde in the DCU! I would also comment that having Bruce use the Talon formula on Damian would be a terrible idea given Damian’s interaction with one of the Talons. Finally, I AM NOT THE CATALYST FOR ALL THE SILLINESS ON THE SHOW! Just…60%!

  • Terry

    I like the comments you made about Batman, Inc 13 being a parody or being really meta. I think that part of this was not just due to whatever bad blood there might have been between Morrison and DC but I think it is also a kind of statement about the nature of super-hero comics since he says he's largely done writing the genre for now. For instance, when Talia says I know you like to keep the stakes clearly black and white and how that whole scene was so predictable almost to the point of being campy, I really think it was a statement aboit the ecpectations that many fans (and DC of late) have for this type of comic. Formulaic stories with clear stakes but muddy consequences. What do you think about this idea that this issue is as much a statement about superhero comics in general in addition to it being the end if this title and the end of Morrison's run on Batman titles?

  • Richie

    have you guys notice that dc's mid and lower level artists, no offense or disrespect inteneded, tend to not be as consistent as the marvel artists? For instance Justice League of America 7 really suffered halfway through, as did suicide squad. I have to say Nightwing's artist, though not bad by any means, is certainly a step back from Barrows and Booth, though Pasarin on Batgirl is certainly an improvement. Though aesthetics are ruled by individual tastes, does poor quality of art hinder you from enjoying a well written story, and does that relationship carry when reversed? (poorly written story, high quality art)

    On a sidenote, have you noticed an artistic decline? I'm thinking especially in terms of the GL books, but I know superman's getting some a+ talent with Aaron Kuder.

  • Alex

    Thank you as always for delivering such great episodes. I'm very appreciative for you discussing my comments. And yes, I was referencing a lot of Snyder's run, with my previous comment. I just think Batman should be a compassionate character that inspires hope and goes above and beyond in doing what's right. The only hope I have is for the next issue to be better. After reading Batman #23, for the sake of Scott Snyder's child's life, I'm very happy I'm in the minority for being underwelmed by the issue. I thought the beating was a bit ridiculous. It reminds me of a child thinking they're more mature, because they watch R rated movies. I rolled my eyes at the "I shall become a bat part" homage to Year One.

    What is your favorite Batman costume and artist? My favorite Batman artist is Jim Aparo and my favorite costume is his Year One suit. Thanks guys!