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Episode 122

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So what has been going on in The Batman Universe? How about some Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad updates? A new TV Spot for Batman: Arkham Knight? The controversy behind the Batgirl Joker variant? New merchandise announced? Jaime and Andy bring you all this and more. Be sure to leave your comment below.


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  • Albert V.

    Hey guys first off a little house cleaning, Scanner seems to be off his game so let me help him out, If im not mistaken the correct pronunciation for Nguyen is (win)…lol jk guys…. Now down to business….. Although I really enjoy the plethora of life raft scenarios you guys get every week, I thought I’d change it up a little bit, we all know that BVS is heavily influenced by Frank Millers The Dark Knight Returns but its not a direct adaptation.. So here’s my mission to you guys if you choose to accept it…theoretically if a direct adaptation of the Dark Knight Returns was being made today in 2015 and you could cast anyone and hire any director who would it be… just to get the party started here’s a few of my ideas

    Director-Guillermo del Toro
    Batman/Bruce Wayne – Daniel Day Lewis
    Afred-Ian McKellen
    Jim Gordon-Sam Elliott
    Harvey Dent-John Malkovich
    Carrie Kelley-Maisie Williams aka Arya Stark
    The Joker-Kevin Spacey

    I bounced kurt russel and bruce willis for bruce wayne but i wanted more than an action star… This joker wouldve been perfect for robin williams in my opinion… Sorry for the long question hope you have as much fun answering it as i did formulating it. #confirmed

    • WOO! Love it Albert! Thanks for the feedback! Definitely will share our thoughts on the matter the next show. Thanks also for keeping us honest. Albert for the Nguyen! (WIN!) Nyuck nyuck