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Episode 122



BBFB: Batman: No Man's Land


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:26 Comic News
0:09:18 Nightwing #23
0:26:19 Batgirl #23
0:56:48 Batman #23
1:17:37 Detective Comics #23
1:37:44 BBFB
1:49:06 Listener Q&A's
2:09:18 Closing
2:12:21 Outtakes



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  • Scott Snyder did admit to doing a 180 in July. He originally wanted to keep Year One intact, but then realized he couldn't/changed his mind.

  • DetectiveComedy

    I came up with a Batman Universe Comic Podcast drinking game.  Every time someone says, "It just doesn't make any sense!" everyone takes a shot.  I'm usually passed out before BBFB.  

    • Joe Jinks

      You've just inspired me, stay tuned to thebatmanuniverse.net and we'll make this a thing!

  • Corbin

    I just finished listening to the last podcast (I had to wait until I finished reading my own comics). I must admit, I was disappointed when Brett Booth left Nightwing. I really enjoy his work, and he has become one of my favorite artists as well. I didn't like Will Conrad's art in issue 22. Especially when Dick is not in costume. The scene with him and Joey in the dinner was aweful, in my opinion. But I felt 23 was very much improved… But some of that may have to do with the fact that he was in his costume the whole book. I'd rate Nightwing 23 a 3.5 out of 5

    I do disagree with with your overall review of Batman 23. I absolutely loved this issue. I felt like this was the best issue of Zero Year so far. And the backup was, by far, the best backup storyi have ever read. The symmetry to how his life as a crime-fighter would be was incredible. 

    I know that the retreading of origin stories can be irritating to people who have been reading comics for awhile (like yourselves), but the New 52 did work in terms of bringing in new readers. I am one of them, and I am really enjoying the origin issues. 

    Just thought I'd add t my favorite artists…

    1. Brett Booth

    2. Andrea Sorrentino

    3. Greg Capullo

    4. Francis Manapul



  • Corbin

    Sorry… Forgot to add my rating for Batman 23 – 4.5 out of 5

    Keep up the good work, and I look forward to your next podcast. 

    • Joe Jinks

      Thanks Corbin; it's great to see other Bat-fans' reviews of the books.

  • Alex

    Another fantastic episode!

    Now with the new 52, what differences do you see in the styles of Marvel and DC?  Previously, I viewed Marvel characters as being more relatable character driven stories and heavier on the soap opera element, rather than the superhero side. For the most part, the villain side helped more with the pacing, and the meat was dealing with the characters in their secret identities and the their relationships. With DC, I thought they had more legendary characters that acted heroic in all situations, in or out of costume, and having traits that we should strive to obtain. Because of this, less character development was necessary, and the stories were much more complex. Now, I don't see much of a difference. Marvel has gotten more plot driven and DC is trying to become more relateable. If you do, what elements do you think DC does better than Marvel and what elements, if any, would you like them to take from Marvel?


    Thanks as always!

  • Corbin

    I do have a question… Which villian's month books are you expecting to be good, considering writer, artist, and character?

    So far, I'm only getting the Riddler, assuming it will have at least some to do with the current story arc. 

  • Steve Rogers

    Hey, while we are getting the call out for website contributors, can we get a push to get me a minion or two to help out with NYCC Comic Con in October?

    To borrow from the theme song to the classic sitcom Scrubs:

    I can't cover all this Bat-stuff at the con on my ownnnnn
    Oh I know, that I'm no Superman…

    Help out, hang with a TBU staffer, I MAY, stress may, spring for an outside of con snack or beverage, it'll be fun! =;)

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