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Episode 123.5

TBUCP E123.5


0:00:00 Intro
0:02:11 Comic News
0:05:44 Catwoman #23
0:12:34 Batman/Superman #3
0:23:00 Batwing #23
0:32:50 Red Hood and the Outlaws #23
0:42:33 Birds of Prey #23
0:51:06 Teen Titans #23
1:01:47 Talon #11
1:15:55 Batwoman #23
1:23:53 Listener Q&A's
1:38:34 Closing



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  • Terry

    Hey guys.  Great episode.  I read most of these books but my friends do not, so I'm always glad to hear someone's thoughts on them even if it is via a podcast.  I do have a few thoughts about some of the issues you covered here.  You mentioned this and I really don't think it woudl happen either, but this arc in RHATO would be the perfect place to try and show just how in continuity Batman, Inc is supposed to be.  I know that Jason doesn't have his memories right now, but if he gets his memories back at all here (which I don't see how they will avoid) it would seem like the fact that he was in the Batcave when Talia died would be important given that he is the "leader" of the League of Assassins right now.  I get that Tynion probably didn't know what Morrisson had planned, but all it would take would be a few well placed mentions or a single page flashback to establish that there are obvious connections between the events of Batman, Inc and what's going on right now in this title.

    And with Teen Titans, I have one question: Can we please get an issue without kissing?  I have no particuarly aversion to romance in comics, but so much of the teen angst and romance that should be very natural in a book that focuses on teenage superheroes comes across as forced and awkward.  I don't have any real problem with Scott Lobdell but when the issues are heavy on that type of content, it just seems pretty obviously to be an older adult trying to project what he thinks teenage life might be like onto these characters and it just doesn't flow natrually.  And the kissing scenes are just the most obvious example of this for me.

    Lastly, I just wanted to say that in this issue of Talon we also got some sort of explanation on how Casey's friends got to Santa Prisca so quickly.  At the end of the issue, they tell Calvin how quickly they can get to Gotham and that at least offers some explanation (even if it is a bit farsical) on how these characters could be informed that they needed to go to Santa Prisca and then be there all in the span of one fight that Calvin is in during the previous issue.

    Keep up the good work, guys.