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Episode 123



BBFB: Batman: No Man's Land Part 2


0:00:00 Intro
0:02:07 Comic News
0:07:45 Batman: The Dark Knight #23
0:22:05 Batman Incorporated Special
0:52:41 Batman and Robin #23
1:17:40 BBFB
1:26:43 Listener Q&A's
1:53:01 Closing
1:55:58 Outtakes



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  • Terry

    Hey guys,

    I know you may not get to this question for a while given that you are going to spend some time doing the Villain's month reviews.  But I just wanted to say that I really liked Batman, Inc Special #1.  I've always liked issues that included lots of short stories and it was lucky for me that I picked up this and Black and White #1 in the same week.  However, I also wanted to say that this is what I wish Batman, Inc had been all along.  Not necessarily several stories in one issue, but I wish it could have focused more on the exploits of some of these other heroes in arcs that wouldn't be that long.  I understand they need a story like the Leviathan arc to tie it all together and keep people interested, but I feel like as that arc progressed we saw less and less of the actual heroes in Batman, Inc that aren't part of the regular Batman family anyway.


    Also, a related question, not that I expect that we will, but if you could pick one or more of the Batman, Inc characters to get their own books or just ones you'd like to read more of who would they be?