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Episode 124.1

TBUCP E124.1


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:29 Comic News
0:14:22 Batman and Robin #23.1
0:27:34 Batman #23.1
0:39:26 Detective Comics #23.1
0:51:39 Batman: The Dark Knight #23.1
1:09:00 Closing



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  • Dave

    Hey guys great shows as always. 

    I wanted to add a comment to a discussion you had in episode 123 relating to the future of the Batman and Robin title.  Why not bring in Tim and make it a Batman and Red Robin book permanently?  It would be a way to bring Tim back into the bat family line of books without having to create yet another title, while also flushing out his dynamic with Bruce in the new 52 which really has yet to be explored?  The only other way I see the title working would be to tell out of current time stories of Batmans earlier adventures with not only Damien but also Jason and Tim during their times as Robin. That would give us some nice history for their relationships in the new 52 while also giving the creative teams the freedom to tell whatever stories they please without having to worry whatever cross over event Scott Snyder/DC a putting on the other bat titles at the time. 

    Keep up the great work, great to be catching up with events h

    ere finally. 

  • Alex

    Awesome episode! I thought it was hilarious they way Dustin described how bullying can change someone into a telekinetic psycho. I hated the issue and it was the final kick I needed to get me to drop anything by Gail Simone. I barely got through it, because it was so repulsive. I was surprised to hear how positive you were on the Joker issue. I read a lot of comments bashing it, thought I missed a lot of things, because I enjoyed it. Your explanations on the flashbacks made me like it even more. This week's Riddler is my favorite so far. I like Ray Fawkes characterization of Riddler much more that Scott Snyders, because it seemed he had a bit more fun with the character. I realized that I shouldn't get issues of villains, I really don't care to see the origin of. That way, I can just use their old origins and ret-con in my mind whatever doesn't work. I highly doubt I'll be getting a better origin for Harleyquinn than Mad Love and I know enough about the Court of Owls that no matter how good the issue is, I'm sick of hearing their influence on Gotham. Scott Snyder's Court of Owls was great, and I don't like seeing it watered down.

    What are your thoughts on the way the villains have been handled so far in the New 52 and how much has Villains' month influenced your opinion?