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Episode 124.2

TBUCP E124-2


Discussion: No Happy Lives for the Bat-Family


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:40 Comic News
0:09:09 Detective Comics #23.2
0:22:58 Teen Titans #23.1
0:37:16 Batman and Robin #23.2
0:47:56 Batman: The Dark Knight #23.2
1:05:47 Batman #23.2
1:16:43 Listener Q&A's
1:24:24 Discussion
1:41:59 Closing
1:43:15 Outtakes



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  • Alex

    Great episode guys! I agree with what you all have been saying about the villains. "Power boosts" do not equal more interesting characters, and it really makes no sense to do that especially since one of the reasons why people gravitate towards Batman is the lack of powers, and because of being much more grounded. They're now just a bunch of super powered psychopaths with mommy/daddy issues, and martial art training. While I'm enjoying villains month, but besides Riddler, I haven't found any of the Batman villain issues that impressive. They kind of remind me of an R rated version of "The Batman" show, which people hated. At least that's what I thought of when I read the Penguin issue. I agree with all your ratings.

    I'm so dissapointed in hearing the news about Dan Didio. If they have that mantality, I don't even want them to bother with romantic relationships because they're worthless to me. Even if characters remained unmarried for a hundred years or never get married, you're invested in characters' relationships because you're watching it build to something. Unless, of course, that's part of their character, whether they just have flings, are opposed to marriage, or relationships naturally fall apart. Spider-man used to be my second favorite character, and once they set that precident for him, and destroyed one of the most perfect relationships ever, I can't enjoy that character past that moment, because it's no longer that character no matter how well it's written. That's why I enjoy reading Spider-man for the first time, because it's no longer Peter Parker. If it's like what Dustin is saying about the Dark Knight having an influence on this, they're doing the exact same thing with Nolan's Batman, taking only certain aspects of the character. That's no longer the character, but a characture. All the aspects is what makes the character. Although the Dark Knight was dark, Bruce was never depressing. He cracked a lot of genuine jokes as Bruce throughout the whole trilogy.  One of my favorites was when he was talking to Alfred about how many people are dying because of the Joker, and he has to give up Batman, and then seemlessly switches to him saying,"Accomplice? I'm going to tell them the whole thing was your idea".  Such a shame. It's not fair to the writers or the readers. Don't worry, be sad indeed.

  • Terry

    Hey guys. Another great episode. Don't want to belabor the point but I had a few thoughts about your discussion at the end. As is certainly true of all Batman fans (and probably most super hero fans) I like the dark brooding motif. I like the fact that these characters do not have perfect lives. It makes them relatable to us as readers. We can see a character who has dealt with some of the same stuff we have in life but rise above it to do something extraordinary. However, I feel like this "they can't be happy" decision keeps us from relating to the characters like we always have because we want the happy ending every now and again. We want to know that there is at least the possibility of a silver lining. I spent my whole childhood wanting to grow up and be Batman but how can that be the aspiration of anyone if the tradeoff is that you have no hope in life whatsoever. Again, don't mean to beat the proverbial dead horse because you already spoke about this but this decision takes away part of the humanity of these characters and, in doing so, our ability to relate to them.

  • Terry

    Also, I know this isn't really related to villains month, but I wanted to ask you this before the solicitations for January come out.  What do you think they will do or should do for Detective Comics #27?  They just did the big 900th issue special last year, but this would be the number of the original introduction of Batman in the year that will be the 75th anniversary of that introduction.  Certainly, the connection shouldn't be lost on the editors.  So, do you think they will or do you think they should give us something special to mark the occasion?