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Episode 124.3

TBUCP E124-3


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:16 Comic News
0:04:33 Batman #23.3
0:20:18 Batman and Robin #23.3
0:30:37 Detective Comics #23.3
0:41:30 Batman: The Dark Knight #23.3
0:53:16 Teen Titans #23.2
1:01:01 Listener Q&A's
1:09:46 Closing
1:12:19 Outtakes



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  • Alex

    Another great episode. I wasn't the biggest fan, but  I'm glad to hear that you guys enjoyed this week's issues better than the last. I have enjoyed Villains' month as a whole, but just underwhelmed that a lot of  the origins have been very similar to other villains, or a weaker retread of their Pre-New 52 origins. That's why I really liked the Riddler issue the most, because the story seemed  more original and it had a similar characterization of who I perceived Riddler to be.  It's got to be really frustrating for writers and I give them a lot of props for trying to re-interpret characters, but not wanting to dissapoint fans. A lot of them are probably trying to make them as interesting and a big of a threat as possible, so that they could potentially be someone's favorite, but the problem is a lot of them have the same mind set, and the characters come off too cartoonish and weaker copies of eachother. The same thing is going on in a lot of the Superman villain's issues, but I'm much closer to the Batman Universe, so it hasn't really bugged me. It's not just a new 52 thing though, it's been a problem for years. I used to be a huge Wolverine fan, and once he became really popular, the writers made him far more powerful and spotlighted him far too often, and it ruined the character for me. I think you guys mentioned the way Grant Morrison would write a Batman who could solve anything with a stick of gum and a paper clip. I have admiration for writers who can balance their love for a character without their stories being constantly favored toward them. I appreciate DC trying to get new readers by offering new jumping on points yearly. Villains month is a good way to introduce new readers to a characters universe, but also let older readers know the direction some of their favorite characters are headed. It will be interesting to see which issues sold the best.

    Who wrote your favorite interpretations of your favorite villains? Bane is my favorite villain, written by Chuck Dixon.

    I really appreciate the weekly reviews! Thanks!