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Episode 124.4

TBUCP E124.4


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:33 Batman and Robin #23.4
0:14:31 Detective Comics #23.4
0:27:24 Batman: The Dark Knight #23.4
0:59:36 Batman #23.4
1:18:46 Listener Q&A's
1:26:23 Announcement
1:30:23 Closing



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2 thoughts on “Episode 124.4

  1. Alex

    Great episode! I'm sorry to hear Don leaving, but I'm glad to hear he's still sticking around!  If it wasn't for the Batman Universe, I would have stopped reading current comics long ago, so I can understand. However, if it wasn't for the New 52, I wouldn't have ventured out to reading other comics. It's what drove me back to reading Marvel again, which I haven't read in a very long time. Listening to this podcast is what got me thinking more critically about what I was reading. While it may make me see much more flaws than I would have noticed, you guys make me appreciate comics far more, from both writing and art. I'm glad I dodged a bullet, skipping out on the Joker's daughter issue. I don't know how anything could get worse than that Ventriloquist issue, but I'm assuming it's not worth finding out. I was so happy to hear the Vengeance of Bane love. Whenever I faced hardships, I thought of Vengeance of Bane and used it as a source of inspiration.



  2. Alex

    I just read Batman 24 and really liked it. Actually, I think this week was great for comics. For those who might have fallen off Green Lantern because of the focus on Sinestro and Simon Baz, I would really reccomend getting into it now, because although I thought Geoff Johns run was great, this is the first time I really like Hal Jordan's character.

    Because of Zero Year, what are some of your favorite stories going into Batman's origins? Besides Year One, one of my favorites is Blind Justice.


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