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Episode 126

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Jaime and Andy are back to cover the past week of Batman Universe news. Plentyof news for Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman are covered along with merch news. Listener feedback rounds out the episode, but wait. What’s this? The guys come back for a special update regarding the release of the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. Be sure to leave your thoughts below.


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  • A “back it up” song reference? #Win

    • What can we say. We were thinking that maybe we should faint, but then we didn’t. Our daddy’s taught us good. 🙂 Gotta love them Schmoyoho guys and gals!

  • John Mxyzptlk

    First of all, I loved the Batman v Superman trailer, and Armored Batfleck’s line, at the end. The Dark Knight Returns version of Batman, would TOTALLY say that to Superman. But unfortunately, Jamie, Andy, and many DC fans are going to have to live with their disappointment in the first trailer, for several more months. I would’ve preferred that Warner Brothers waited until the 2015 San Diego Comic-Con. That way the first trailer could have showed more “fun” footage, and Zack Snyder could answer some questions about it, afterwards. Oh well.

  • Eric

    Awesome podcast as always gentlemen. Thanks for taking the time to record more last week to cover the trailer. For me, it was everything I was hoping for in a teaser. inwas wondering if you all saw the Bleacher Report video with the Batmobile. Two things I noticed was that 1. there were two seats. This might lead to a confirmation that Batman will be sharing the Batmobile with someone- perhaps the rumored Carrie Kelly, played by Jenna Malone. The second thing I noticed was that the NBA player said it was like “a tank, a car, and a plane.” He might have inadvertently given something away here- but to me, the flying ship in the teaser does in fact look like the back of the Batmobile. Regardless, I think this needs a #confirmed.


    • Thanks for the comments fellas! We shall address them!

  • Ryan Lovatt

    Evening gentlemen,

    Thank you for reading my question last time about the alternate reality Batmen.

    My reaction for the trailer was a very positive one. I cracked after much anticipation and watched the cam version, as I’m assuming most people did once word had gotten out. When the proper one dropped I was studying for an Engineering final and it most likely affected my study habits for that night having watched it several times over with the feeling of Christmas morning. I’m sure those shots of Ben in the suit and in action shut the haters up.

    My friend is an avid Man of Steel and DC Comics fan, and we were sending frantic texts to one another losing or minds over everything we saw. His brother and I work together and share the excitement for the upcoming DCCU and shot each other a look as if to say, “You saw it.” and proceeded to react like Carl did when Chris Griffin told him he finally saw “Event Horizon”.

    Now I wouldn’t say this teaser was underwhelming in the most negative sense. It was a teaser and our expectations and hopes were so high that maybe the teaser couldn’t of lived up to them at all. That being said it was still an amazing thing to behold and I’m waiting on baiting breath for the next one which may come two weeks before the release date #guessing (feel free to use that).

    Now I have a question for you, if the solo Batman is going to be happening years before BvS (as I’ve heard), and if Affleck cannot play the Dark Knight for whatever reason, who would you want to fill his shoes?

    • Eric

      You know, I’ve thought about this and speculated with a friend that a prequel solo film could be possible. Now, this is a stretch, but what about Casey Affleck if they HAD to recast? To me, he looks a lot like Ben, and in my opinion would be a good choice to portray a younger Bruce. With that said, if they do a prequel, it should still be Ben- it seems like they’ve aged him with the grey in BvS, so why not just take that out and give him a younger look?

  • Eric

    Hello good sirs! Not sure if you all have seen or heard about this but there is some weird happenings on YouTube. Some think it’s some viral marketing for Suicide Squad. There are three videos on the page but here’s a link to one of them: http://youtu.be/4_vNEeiOFeI

    If you google search Mr. J has an announcement, you should be able to find it that way as well.

    Guys- no more vacations! We need to hear your thoughts about Leto’s Joker photo, Affleck possibly being seen in Toronto while Suicide Squad is filming, and now this. Looking forward to the next podcast!

    Eric (the same Eric from above)