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Episode 126



0:00:00 Intro
0:01:13 Comic News
0:21:54 Batman: The Dark Knight #24
0:42:10 Nightwing Annual #1
0:59:33 Batman and Robin #24
1:15:14 Damian: Son of Batman #1
1:27:58 BBFB
1:36:09 Listener Q&A's
1:59:49 Zero Month Announcement
2:02:08 Closing

2:03:52 Outtakes



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  • Chris Karnes

    Hi, gang!  Thanks for another fine show! 

    For what it's worth, a comment/curiousity/obscurity regading Nightwing Annual #1:  Back in the Silver Age, there was another villain calling himself the Firefly who was really Ted Carson back in Batman #126 (the story was reprinted in Batman #208)..  In the story, he wore a garish green and yellow horizontal striped costume who could temporarily blind people with light beam attached to his head that sort of looked looked like a doctor's head mirror.  Adding to the plot refletcive of the times, Batwoman also apppears in the story and momentarily mistakenly thinks Carson is really Batman, not the Firefly.   I'm not sure where Nightwing Annual #1 leaves Firefly in the current continuity, but I like it when a story gives a nod/acknowledgement to the old stories.  


  • Donovan Grant



    Personally I thought the Nightwing Annual was lame in that nothing interesting happened, and the whole Dick/Babs romance was barely touched upon. Plus Babs was written to be fairly unlikable…AGAIN! Alas, to each his and her own.