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Episode 127



0:00:00 Intro
0:01:21 Comic News
0:19:08 Batman #25
0:42:02 Detective Comics #25
0:58:33 Batgirl #25
1:17:06 Nightwing #25
1:32:46 Forever Evil: Arkham War #2
1:49:08 Listener Q&A's
2:07:59 Closing

2:10:44 Outtakes



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  • Terry

    Hey guys,


    I just wanted to say really quickly that when I first heard about "Five Years Later" my inital thought was what Stella's nightmare scenario was.  I immediately interpreted it as moving their whole continuity five years into the future.  The main reason I thought that is because Forever Evil is shaping up to be this huge paradigm shift in continuity but very few titles (Batman or otherwise) are dealing with the events.  The best potential example of this is that Nightwing has been featured in a fairly prominent way in Forever Evil but we've yet to see any consequences of that in the Nightwing title.  Batman has an out in that it is doing this Zero Year story set in the past, but most other titles don't have that excuse.  So, I thought that the whole idea of "Five Years Later" would to move all their titles to another common time frame where they could all be on the same page as it applies to the aftermath of Forever Evil.


    I don't know that is what any of us want, but it was the first thing I thought of.

  • Donovan Grant

    My immediate thought is that this would force Tim Drake to be in his early to mid-twenties. That's an interesting concept, but at the same time he'll probably end up more like the Red Robin persona he had at the end of his title.

  • Donovan Grant

    Also here's another thought. Anyone else reminded of Young Justice season 2 when they did this? Not suggesting that DC is copying one of their previous media franchises…okay, yes I am, since they've shown to have a hitory for doing so. The difference being that season 1 of YJ showed the origins of the characters and current DC New 52…isn't.

  • Wendell

    Guys everything but Forever Evil and its tie ins are happening before forever evil happened and besides that, Dc has already came out and said that You will See alot of reprocussions from Forever evil as the books catch up at the end of the event. They did it that way to give people time to finish storylines before reprocussions kick in.