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Episode 128


November is Sweeps month, and do you know what Sweeps brings? The Irredeemable Shag! After some discussion on Rebirth and Batman as an accessible character, Shag and I review the 1996 crossover story “Final Night.” After Shag takes his leave, I review Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #3 and Batgirl #56/4. Finally, Chris gives his Batman ’66 review and I give two non-fiction literature recommendations. Stay tuned after the main show to hear some bloopers and conversations between Shag and I that did not make the cut.


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  • Michael Ridge


    I just listened to this episode while I was waiting for the dogs at the groomer. It struck me that Fenice could be a description instead of a name; someone who metaphorically rose from the ashes like a Phoenix. Helena’s origin story says that she saw only two bodies in the attack; her father and her brother. The attackers took her mother, the never seen Maria, out of the room before she was supposedly shot. If Maria has returned, she would be a Fenice.

    I may

    • Ian Miller

      Agreed – Maria is almost certainly Fenice. Now, solicitations say that Oracle is sticking with the team – so hopefully it’s not a full fledged villain, though their work with the Mob seems ambiguous, to say the least!

  • Ian Miller

    I really enjoyed all the topics you covered with Shag! Final Night is a strange comic, since I’ve only read the Robin issue (because of Steph). Interestingly, I just bought a hard copy of that issue two months ago, and surprisingly, it was in glossy paper, instead of the standard newsprint of the day – as someone who’s done a lot of collecting of older comics for Babs, have you noticed any other events getting glossy paper instead of newsprint? Additionally, it sounds like you read most of your current comics digitally – but are there some you get hard copies of regularly?