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Episode 129

Episode 129 Pic

Join Jaime and Andy as they cover this past week of news from around The Batman Universe. Suicide Squad is the main topic of discussion with new spy pics that have made the rounds, but outside of some small bits for video games and merch, the dup discuss some DC TV projects heading to a screen near you next season. Be sure to leave your comments below!


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  • Odavious

    In your opinion do you feel there is a growing critical backlash against comic book movies in the mainstream,and do feel it can have a negative affect on the upcoming slate of DC films? There already seems to be a trend of judging what these movies will be based on rumors,set photos, film filters,and 2 minute trailers. Are “fans” just looking to be negative or are their concerns really legitimate? A lot of the negative comments and the continued Man Of Steel hate as I see it have turned me off of checking for news about these movies on particular websites. I know everyone doesn’t have to like that movie but at times it seems overblown.Whether it’s Marvel or DC I want all these movies to be successful at the box office so they can continue making them, but it worries me to hear people in the general audiences saying they are tired of these films. Sorry so long but so much on my mind about these issues. Thanks for reading,great podcast as always.