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Episode 130

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Jaime and Andy are back this week with more Suicide Squad news, Batman: Arkham Knight, the Bat-Kid trailer and listener feedback. Enjoy Memorial Day this year by listeneing to TBU and be sure to leave your comments below!


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  • Hey guys, long time listener first time caller….. OK i had to try that out. I have been listening since the relaunch of this podcast and i love the new show.. i know i know… i should have said something long before now. The show has so much character to it and its a blast to listen to, it;s my drive to work show… and Jamie can i say that i hear a bit of Diedrich Bader in your voice. I did a double take the first episode i heard and though wow they got Diedrich on the show as a quest cool… is it just me?…. ok i digress. As you said Andy your going to be gone for two weeks and we are going to get news….. and we did. I think we are going to be getting a lot of “now that’s so Batman” moments in BvS and Suicide Squad movies. I am putting stock in that off of a few images in the past two weeks. Ready…… Batman riding on top of a car trying to catch the Joker. COME ON!!!! That’s so Fing Alley!.. or on this case “Now That’s so Batman”. I feel that up to this new Universe we have seen all of the different Batmen do a few Batman like things… but they have been few and far between. Yeah we got the 89 punch the guy behind you bit. TDK jump out a window to save someone, and a few more here and there. But they have been over shadowed by a Batman trying to be Batman,(more Nolan in that last comment) instead of BEING Batman. Batman Forever had more “Now That’s so Batman” moments than all of the TDK trilogy combined. I’m not saying its a better movie, just the moments of Batman doing Batman things…..(crashing through a skylight, back flipping in to thugs (in the Nolan movies did Batman flip once?… sure he hung upside down).. back to Forever… crash through a helicopter… with his head, the whole bank scene, surviving fire with his cape please… don’t hate me. I Hope the new universe will be fantastic and we walk out of the theater all saying “Now That’s so Batman” Ok so i though a nice first letter would make up for not writing in sooner. love the work you guys do. i to know what its like to want to have emails from time to time to read. Thanks and keep on F-ing Alley!

    P.S. Batman Arkham Knight is just a few weeks away… we are all most there!
    -Rob Myers
    host of the TBU podcast Robin: Everyone Loves The Drake