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Episode 132

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In the latest episode, Andy and Jaime talk the official synopsis for Batman v Superman, the fake promo art for BvS, new Suicide Squad spy pics, Gotham’s first season being released on DVD and Blu-ray, Batman: Arkham Knight and round out the episode with Listener Feedback. Be sure to send in our comments for the next episode.


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  • Brent Ellenburg

    Hey guys, long time listener, first time writer. I love the show, I listen every week and your hard work is very appreciated. I work full time, I am a full time college student, and I am very involved with my church. So I don’t have much time to surf around for my Batman and DC info. Lucky for me, you guys keep me filled in week to week. I also love the comic cast. Anyway, I have always been a Batman fan and I got back into reading comics last September. I’m not just a fan anymore I am an avid fan! Ok, I have a wild theory that I am going to confirm!
    Getting back into comics one of the first things I learned was that I needed to read Batman: Hush. It is amazing! So here is my theory. We know with the new DC movie universe that we are going to get a new Batman stand alone film that rumor has it, will include the Joker. Well, I am going to say that we will also get a second film! You know how these universes work, we can’t have just one. Now here is where it gets interesting. We know that Tom Hardy has said that he does have a role in this new movie universe in the future but he has not eluded to what that role will be. Well here it is, Tom Hardy as Tommy Elliott, aka, Hush! He very much could look the part and play the part. It has often been said that had Hush been an older character, like the Joker, he would most likely be in the movies. Now is his time. The story is too epic to ingore moving forward in this universe!
    Ok, there you have it. You guys keep up the terrific work! I love the show and I so appreciate there being guys like you who want to talk Batman and feed me information that I miss, and Andy, I also love HolyBatCast. Great show.
    I can’t leave before I do one more thing……..
    Tom Hardy=Hush