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Episode 133

“One is the loneliest number…” Going solo for this episode, I cover the 1997 Birds of Prey: Revolutions and Birds of Prey: Wolves. After some listener feedback and a long Zaius’s Radio Hour, I then review Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #6 and Batgirl #7. Chris’s Batman ’66 review (or is it ’77?) and my literature recommendations round out the episode.


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  • Ian Miller

    Don’t forget Mike’s Amazing World as a resource for comic release dates! It’s no longer updating, but it’s pretty unbeatable for anything pre 2014. The Veronica Mars theme song at the beginning was pretty fun. I tend to agree that the Birds of Prey “Who Is Oracle” arc would have been better served with five issues, rather than seven (counting the Rebirth issue). I did love the backstories for each of the Birds, though. I am not quite as down on Hope Larson’s Batgirl as you are – but again, I think that’s because I’m much more down on the Burnside run. 🙂

    We continue to edge forward to the Birds of Prey ongoing! I really enjoy these “getting to know you” mini-arcs that Dixon used to build up Babs and Dinah as a team. I’m curious – what are your thoughts on the art for these 90s comics? I’ve generally been impressed at the quality of the art for this rather obscure title, though my favorite Birds of Prey artist is still definitely Nicola Scott, with Joe Bennett as second and Ed Benes third (though all three of those are from Simone’s run, so we have 50+ issues to go!).