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Episode 134

Episode 134 Pic

After a week off, Jaime and Andy are back to cover the slew of news leading up to Comic Con including tons of merch news and the Batman v Superman cover of Entertainment Weekly. After some other short bits regarding Suicide Squad, they also discuss intial reactions to Batman: Arkham Knight. Be sure to leave your thoughts below.


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3 thoughts on “Episode 134

  1. Odavious

    In a world BvS full trailer was awesome!!!!! At the senate protest did you notice the God Hates Aliens sign? Also could the Lex Luthor comment about the red capes refer to an attempt to clone from Zods corpse leading to the creation of Doomsday and possibly Bizarro? Anyways great podcast as always!!

  2. Dave

    Hey guys, if Jena Malone is in B v S what if she’s playing Barbara Gordon and not Carrie Kelley? Thanks and have a good one!


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