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Episode 134

IT’S ALL SHAG’S FAULT!!! I am forced to cover the 1997 crossover, Genesis, and I force Michael Bailey to cover it with me. After our discussions surrounding the three S’s (Superman, Supergirl, and SHAG), we review Genesis and three tie-ins (Robin #46, Azrael #34, and Batman #547). Michael also lets us know whether he is #TeamShag or #TeamDon. Alone, I review Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #7 and Batgirl #8. Chris’s Batman ’66 review and my literature recommendations finish out the episode.


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  • Ian Miller

    Michael is, as always, a delight. I really appreciate your look at the comics, good and bad, so we know what to check out – and those cross-overs look like they might be worth checking out indeed!

    I was talking to some fans on the CBR forums, and they said that Azrael and Babs had a sometimes romantic-inflected relationship – have you seen any hints of that in your reading? I’ve never read any of Azrael’s issues, outside of a couple of crossovers, so I have no knowledge myself.

    I really liked this month’s Birds of Prey, the way it tied in so tightly with the rest of the DC universe. It makes the Birds feel like real inhabitants of Gotham, with interactions and relationships that go beyond the pages of their own book.

    Last note, about the music – thanks for including that segment. I don’t always love the songs, but this month’s song was great – and it reminded me of Tegan and Sara’s “I’m Not Your Hero” that you also introduced me to a long time ago. Have you featured Daughtry’s “Waiting for Superman” – I can’t recall if that one’s made it on your radio hour. 🙂

    • Ian Miller

      Forgot to shout to Chris – your opening about the Batgirl coloring book amused me, since I actually went through it last night, and found 9 pictures of my girl Stephanie Brown – 7 as Batgirl, 2 as Spoiler! It is an amazing feeling to find your favorite Batgirl represented in the coloring book! 🙂

      • Hey, Ian! Thanks! Me, I was pleasantly surprised to see a Betty Kane Bat-Girl in the book! 🙂

        • Ian Miller

          Chris – do you like what Rucka, Williams, and Blackman did with Bette in the Batwoman titles?

          • Ian – I have mixed feelings, more positive (her character appeared and was used) than negative (underdeveloped skills). Ultimately, I am glad she wasn’t forgotten. I am glad that Steph got some love in the coloring book. I wonder what remains in store for her in the future.

          • Ian Miller

            Interesting – I have no connection with Bette outside her use in the Batwoman book, so my only negative is when Bette was dropped from the book with the creative team, since the reason given – broken bone – was ridiculous, considering Bette was literally gutted in the first arc, and came back stronger. 🙂

            Steph has a solo issue in Detective Comics coming up after Cassandra’s arc concludes, and Bette is supposed to show up in Batwoman! Looking forward to both quite a bit.

  • Double interesting! Thanks for the heads up, Ian! I’ll be sure to get that on the release date!

    I wasn’t around for Bette/Betty’s first appearances, but when I first encountered her in the comics around ’77, she was a tennis pro in her civilian ID and wondering if she still do the costumed heroine thing.

  • Wow. About 5 minutes in and already two vicious attacks against me (plus the show notes). You’d think you’d be appreciative that i created an opportunity for you two to chat!

    You’re welcome!