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Episode 134


BBFB: Batman: No Man's Land Part 11


0:00:00 Intro
0:01:27 Comic News
0:21:49 Batman: The Dark Knight #29
0:33:08 Batman and Robin #29
0:45:43 BBFB
0:52:01 Listener Q&A's
0:58:16 Announcements
1:06:46 Closing



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  • Jon

    Really sad to you go Joe. Having worked with you for the last two years I have not worked with a more professional, funny and kind person. Hope too see you on the specials. 

  • Melinda

    Joe, a Prince among podcasters. You will be sorely missed on the cast. Thank you for the great times you've given all of us.

  • Dan DiDio

    So I guess Bluebird will be Batman's next partner. I'm curious. What are your overrall thoughts on the Harper Row character. 

  • Troy

    Episode 134 was great. Thanks for the work you all do. 

    With SON OF BATMAN coming out in May, I'm not the least bit surprised that things seem to be moving toward Damian's return, and, like everyone on the podcast, I feel that if it's going to happen without Morrison, it should be Tomasi telling the story.