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Episode 135

As promised on the previous episode, it is time to talk Marvel’s “Iron Fist!” I am joined by Gerard and Jason to discuss the first season of the Netflix show. We look at all aspects of the story, analyze the characters (and the actors playing them), and decide whether this show is worth a re-watch or a recommendation.

P.S. Danny Rand is dreamy! <3


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  • Ian Miller

    But Ward and Joy and Colleen are dreamier!

  • Ian Miller

    I think part of the problem with the corporate plotline is that Danny is so reactive, and Joy and Ward (and Harold) are so active and planning, that they are more interesting to write and watch for general watchers like myself, who didn’t read any of the Iron Fist comics. This was pointed out well in the podcast by your guests.

    Stella! I am shocked at you! There are 6 books in the Earthsea series, not 3 or 4. I have a literature recommendation for you! Tales of Earthsea and The Other Wind – excellent reads!

    As my initial comment obviously shows, I thought Ward and Joy were the most interesting characters, though I also enjoyed Colleen (though no one pointed out that Jessica Henwick played an X-Wing pilot in Star Wars: The Force Awakens A New Cashgrab :). I think the relationship between Joy and Ward had the most emotional stakes, tension, and occasional payoff, so I found them most satisfying to watch. I definitely think that Joy is massively underwritten, so that her final scene doesn’t really make sense because we don’t really know why she does a lot of what she does. I think Joy is MORE naive than Ward, but she’s still very much a corporate shark, with her black market organ donation deals.

    I personally would prefer a Heroes for Hire combination series than Luke Cage and Iron Fists seasons 2 (though, to be fair, I didn’t watch more than one episode of Luke Cage).

    Madame Gao is hilariously awesomely evil. I really liked her role in this – perfect mustache twirling. Funny story – when my friend and I watched Daredevil season 1, two years ago, we joked very early in the season that she’s from Kung-Fu-Gard (like one of the seven realms of Asgard, Midgard, etc). Then, when at the end of the season, she says she’s from “farther away” than China, we literally yelled at the scene, “WE WERE JOKING ABOUT KUNG-FU-GARD!” And now I insist that K’un Lun is Kung-Fu Gard.

    A friend on twitter has said the show should have had the first episode in K’un Lun. Maybe that wasn’t possible because of budget, but I say it would have really fixed a lot of the problems in the show. (possibly to be continued)

  • Ian Miller

    Continued – I really appreciated your take on the show. I think I’m similar in my ranking and reaction to it, though I think it struggles a lot with the writing of the characters and not having enough story (there’s a lot of unnecessarily repeated flashbacks). All in all, though, it provides something different and fun to the Netflix narrative tapestry.