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Episode 136

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Jaime and Andy are back this week with a new Robin rumor for Batman v Superman, Gal Gadot talking Wonder Woman, more Suicide Squad trailer talk and rounding out some more of the news from San Diego. Be sure to leave your comments below.


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  • henchmen

    There is also a “Richard John Grayson” headstone in Batman v Superman… unfortunately.

  • Odavious

    Can we go ahead and rename BvS what it really is? Batman V Superman:The Battle Of The Dimple Chins. I mean you guys must have noticed along with Zack Snyder,you have Cavill,Affleck,Gadot,Lennix,Amy Adams(baby dimple chin),and if the rumor is true about the Robin flashback Eli Snyder as well. All jokes aside what do you guys think about the merchandise rollout schedule? I wish they would release items in time for the Christmas season as I’m already drooling over some of the collectables. I hope at least they have some t-shirts and more posters out by then. I don’t think over exposure would be a problem,and increased visibility can’t hurt IMO. Anyway I promise I will try to keep it shorter next time but who can tell the future. Later guys!!

  • Hey Jamie and Andy great last episode.

    here are a few things that id like to bring up for discussion.

    The head stone that was leaked for Grayson. Some say it’s photo shopped, other say it could be a hallucination or a vision that he sees. If it is Dick to be honest i will be ticked. Snyder usually follows the source material pretty close… it may not be exact but the history is there. i don’t wanna see them wipe away Robin’s (Dick’s) history before it even starts on film. The Death needs to be Jason (man that just sounds bad).. you know what i mean. If Batman has been active for 20 years then Dick should be out there. i don’t want him to only have one Robin. If he is dead then i defiantly want the solo Batman film to be a prequel. I wanna see a proper Batman and Robin on screen, and also to see how and why.

    Also can we # confirm Janna Malone as Babs?! i have been saying this since the start. She would make a better Barbra than Carrie. I have seen many news sites say her role is Babs. Also rumors that Jim Gordon is dead… so what if Babs is Commissioner Gordon kind of like in Batman Beyond Universe. Could she be Oracle. Discuss.

    Love the show guys! I gotta get you guys over at the Drake house for some Tim Talk. keep up the great work!

    P.S. i was able to pick up the Blue Line Jim Lee Batman SDCC 2015 exclusive Batman figure from a friend that was there. how cool is that figure! F-ing Alley!

    -Rob Myers (RELTD Podcast)