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Episode 136


Join Dustin, Ed and Stella as they discuss news from the past three weeks including some exclusive interviews with the Batman: Eternal creative team, Peter Tomasi and Gail Simone. On top of that they cover Batman: Eternal #2-4, Batman and Robin #30 and Batman #30. Let us know your thoughts on the comics in the comments section.



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  • Donovan Grant

    Oh yes. I've been waiting for Stella's reaction to Batman Eternal #4…

  • Corbin Dallas Pool

    Gah! Even in Simone just says "the Killing Joke never happened." It would make more sense even though she's constantly referenced it, but we would at least have an answer. Batman Eternal's Batgirl (so far) has been a much more enjoyable read than Simone's. 

  • Chris Karnes

    Hi, team!  Great show as usual!  In Batman:  Eternal #3, the villain with the sun emblem on his chest is the Signalman, who back in the day, used signs and symbols as clues to his crimes.