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Episode 137

HE’S BACK AGAIN?! Yes! The Irredeemable Shag (aka Shagalicious) is back, this time to help me discuss the 1997 story Batman/Wildcat. Before we review the story, we talk comics, movies, and I give him a chance to defend himself for tricking me into covering Genesis! After covering some listener feedback together, Shag leaves and I cover Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #8 and Batgirl #9. Chris’s Batman ’66/’77 review and my literature recommendations finish out the episode.


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  • Ian Miller

    Shag is, as always, a delight…cough cough…to mock. 😉 But in all seriousness, I quite enjoy a Shag episode – the banter and sarcasm take a sharp turn up whenever he shows up. And I have to agree – Huntress is quite attractive in Birds of Prey.

    I also agree completely that between Dixon and Simone, Birds of Prey got really weak. There are rumors that DC wanted to pull a n52 and make Babs Batgirl again, and the stories during that period do seem to flirt with some of those ideas. But they were terrible. (Not unlike how the stories when Babs came back in the n52 were also terrible ;).

    There are indeed a few pictures of Cass as Batgirl in the Batgirl coloring book – including one with Stephanie as Spoiler. I just didn’t mention them because, though Cass is great, my favorite Batgirl is always the Violet Avenger, or the Purple Urbex Hobbyist.

    It’s funny you mention the Beast Boy miniseries – I just read it to further educate myself on the history of Bette “Flambird/Hawkfire” Kane. It was fun, though I’m still not a fan of the Teen Titans concept, as it tends to mash together characters who don’t make sense in the same universe, and prioritize action over characterization. It’s also funny how later, in Young Justice by Peter David, Bette tells Cassandra as Batgirl that she’s “been there, done that” with the Batgirl thing, hinting that maybe Bat Dash Girl isn’t completely gone after all. 🙂

    I do want to point out that while Helena shows the strength of her character by telling Babs she won’t stand in the way of Babs and Dick, Babs demonstrates she also has a generous spirit when she tells Helena that Huntress represents Dick’s good taste in women. I loved how the focus wasn’t a romantic triangle, but the bonds of friendship, and both characters came out looking good.

    I’m glad I’m not alone in my thoughts on the Batgirl Annual – the rapport between the two just wasn’t there. And calling it “World’s Finest” just brings to mind better uses of that title, like the first meeting of Steph Batgirl and Supergirl in Sterling Gates’s “World’s Finest” miniseries. Plus, I’m completely with Dustin – why does Alysia need so much exposure? Especially in such a generic way – we’ve seen this storyline so many times before. Eleonora Carlini’s art is gorgeous, as always (she’s a really good fit with Christian Wildgoose), but it did nothing to obscure the utter lack of personality of all the characters.

    And I harp on this a lot, but Alysia could be interesting, if DC would just remember that she’s the CEO of Babs’s company. Let’s get some corporate espionage plots – that would be so much better than false “friendiversary” or spousal drama.

  • Donovan Morgan Grant

    Alysia is a trans woman, meaning that she was assigned male at birth and transitioned to a woman. At the fertility clinic when she was misgendered, the doctor mistook her to currently be a man. The confusion comes from the artwork, because Alysia is never not drawn like a standard woman, so having someone see her and be confused doesn’t register with the reader. But the idea is that if anyone, especially a doctor, initially sees her as a man it takes away from who she is and who she wants to be seen as.

  • Donovan Morgan Grant

    Also, Bob Hastings! That’s the guy Chris was referring to at the beginning