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Episode 137


Join Dustin, Ed and Stella as they discuss the comic news related to The Batman Universe from the past two weeks as well as review Detective Comics #31 and Batman Eternal #5-6. Pardon the abrupt ending, as there were some technical difficulties with the intial recording.



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  • Terry

    Hey guys.  Another great episode.  I loved your discussion of both the Detective Comics issue and the Batman Eternal issue.  I did have two questions, though, that I'd like for you to respond to.


    When I read Detective Comics #31, I thought the exact same thing about this being a very detective-oriented issue and I loved it.  My question, though, is what do you think makes an issue a detective-oriented issue such that some are and some aren't and if you can point to an issue/arc/story that really captures that detective element, what would it be?


    Also, about Batman Eternal #5, as I was reading the story about the nanobots, I began to wonder if those might have been what caused Gordon to see a gun with the guy in the train tunnel when no one else did.  Batman did a blood test and found no traces of drugging, but perhaps those nanobots could have altered his perception and gone relatively unnoticed by Batman.  Afterall, Tim tells us straight away that Batman has obviously missed a part of the puzzle in regards to the nanobots.  What do you think about this possibilit?


    Keep up the good work.